August, 2022

- 6th ARENA Online Battle will start on Aug 18th to Sep 7th.
- "みんなで応援!BPLプロ選手サポーターズ -SEASON 2-" event has begun.
Two new licensed songs have been added:
- KING / Kanaria
- 酔いどれ知らず / Kanaria
- Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
- 40th WEEKLY RANKING song is: ミュージック・アワー / Remixed by BEMANI Sound Team "PON"
On Aug 10th:
- 2nd COURSE TRIAL A3 will start.
- CHALLENGE charts will be added to: "SHINY DAYS", "なだめスかし Negotiation" and "灼熱Beach Side Bunny"
Location test announced.

2022-08-03 · jubeat Ave. (AC)
Released today!
39th WEEKLY RANKING song is: 怪物 / Remixed by Nhato feat. ricono
Two songs will be added to EXTRA SAVIOR A3 on Aug 4th (20th anniversary model), Aug 8th (other models):
- リリーゼと炎龍レーヴァテイン / 黒猫ダンジョン

July, 2022

2022-07-29 · jubeat Ave. (AC)
Release announced for Aug 3rd.
3 new songs will be added on Jul 28th:
- VR - Virtual Reality (prod.by Snail's House) / KLNZ
- あいつら全員同窓会 / ずっと真夜中でいいのに。
- グッバイ宣言 / Remixed by uno(IOSYS) & Liqo feat. Chiyoko
38th WEEKLY RANKING song is: ぐだふわエブリデー / Remixed by Xceon feat. Marcia(幽閉サテライト)
"INFINITAS TOURISM" WORLD TOURISM folder will be added on Jul 27th.
3rd GOLDEN LEAGUE will take place Jul 28th - Aug 24th.
Players that achieve GOLD rank will unlock:
- Environ [De-SYNC] (feat. lythe) / DV-i
37th WEEKLY RANKING song is: LIVE DRIVING!! feat. 花たん / BEMANI Sound Team "S-C-U vs L.E.D."
GRAND PRIX song pack vol.8 released.
- The 1st "COURSE TRIAL A3" will begin on Jul 21st.
- "EXTRA SAVIOR A3" will begin on Jul 21st for "20th anniversary model" cabs; other cabs 3 days later.
36th WEEKLY RANKING song is: 愛しくてラヴィンユー ft. マナ / Xceon
5th ARENA Online Battle will start on Jul 14th and last until Aug 3rd.
35th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Tail Lights / BEMANI Sound Team "dj TAKA" feat.nana hatori

June, 2022

- 34th WEEKLY RANKING song is: PIRATES BLADE / BEMANI Sound Team "劇団レコード"
- BPL BATTLE mode will be enabled on Jun 30th.
- "BPL S2 TOURISM" WORLD TOURISM folder will be added on Jun 30th.
2022-06-29 · BEMANI Fan Site
• CHECK!SONGS 2022 Spring page now available.
• CHECK!SONGS 2022 Winter Monthly Ranking List now available.
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