November, 2019

3rd WEEKLY RANKING song is: beatAffection / ビートまりお
37th FLOOR INFECTION will take place from Nov 14th to Dec 1st adding 4 songs from SOUND VOLTEX.
EXTRA STAGE event "SHADOW REBELLION" will begin on Nov 14th.
Level 12s for new songs are now available.
9-DAN and 10-DAN CLASS MODE courses are now available.
All 18 FLOOR INFECTION songs and Rasis character will be unlocked by default on Nov 7th.
2nd WEEKLY RANKING song is: Mel / Applekid
Update released.
• Two November exclusive songs: "one or eight" and "EXTREME MACH COLLIDER"
• Six songs added.

October, 2019

27th "pop'n time trip" event "NOSTALGIA 3" will start on Oct 31st.
1st WEEKLY RANKING song is: VALKYRIAS -英雄誕生- / BEMANI Sound Team "HuΣeR" feat.Fernweh
On Oct 31st:
• 7th GOLDEN LEAGUE begins and will last until Nov 13th.
• GOLD CLASS achievers at the end of the GOLDEN LEAGUE will unlock: ALPACORE / Cranky
26th "pop'n time trip" event "NOSTALGIA 2" will start on Oct 24th.
2019-10-16 · BEMANI Fan Site
• CHECK!SONGS 2019 September page now available.
• CHECK!SONGS 2019 August Monthly Ranking list now available here.
25th "pop'n time trip" event "NOSTALGIA" will start on Oct 17th.
Released today!
Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
45th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Level One / Yamato
Release announced for Oct 16th!
New songs to be added on Oct 10th:
• Une mage blanche / Dormir
• ホーンテッド★メイドランチ / 日向美ビタースイーツ♪
• 未完成ノ蒸氣驅動乙女 (DDR Edition) / U1 overground
Final "pop'n time trip" event "Special Ending" will start on Oct 3rd.
Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
44th WEEKLY RANKING song is: CoMAAAAAAA / Ryu☆
Update released.
• Two October exclusive songs: "rage against usual" and "Re:GENERATION"
• Six songs added.
• Song Pack vol.8 (22 PENDUAL) released.
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