April, 2017

New SPECIAL chart available: Twinkle Wonderland / Qrispy Joybox feat.Sana
"IOSYS 東方アレンジ PACK 2" released.
"IOSYS 東方アレンジ pack 2" released.
2017-04-20 · jubeat Qubell (AC)
• 9th BeatStream song unlocks available from today:
- スカイダイバー (BeatStream play data required)
- Sky High (Only if unlocked on BeatStream)
• "龍と少女とデコヒーレンス selection" jbox now available.
• "Valanga~伝説の山~" QUBE available.
• "夏のニュージェネ流星フェスタ2016" QUBE available again.
10th Usaneko Score Challenge song is: Harmonia / ATSUMI UEDA
• Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
• 21st WEEKLY RANKING song is: elemental bender feat. Kanae Asaba / MK
New SPECIAL chart available: Anisakis -somatic mutation type"Forza"- / 朱雀
New event starts Apr 19th: 春のクラシック演奏会
New event starts Apr 20th: 忍々七鍵伝
New EXTRA EXCLUSIVE song will be added on Apr 20th: Neutrino / HuΣeR
"cosMo@暴走P PACK" released.
"n-buna pack" released.
2017-04-14 · REFLEC BEAT + (iOS)
"KONAMI MUSIC PACK 48" released.
Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
2017-04-13 · jubeat Qubell (AC)
• 8th BeatStream song unlocks available from today:
- ぱんだしんけん1、2、3 ~ちえ!おっしょさんにはかなわないや!~ (BeatStream play data required)
- ケンぱ!ケンぱ!拳拳ぱん打! (Only if unlocked on BeatStream)
• "Dragontail Butterfly selection" jbox now available.
• "猫大樹 夏のパーリーピーポー" QUBE available again.
9th Usaneko Score Challenge song is: 朝までワンモアラブリー(onemore 90's lovery) / アイコノクラズム
20th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Modular Technology / Sota Fujimori
"BRADIO "FUNKY" pack 2" released.
New BUZRA ARTS song now available: Beat Juggling Mix / Hommarju
2017-04-06 · MÚSECA 1+1/2 (AC)
Three selected songs from BEMANI NEW FACE contest have been added:
• ドラマチック・デイドリーマー / Ms.
• ぬ? / Mizuike
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