Temporary Interruption in DLC Service for SCEE, NOA & NOE Starting 4/3/2012 Ending 05/02/2012

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Post #1 · Posted at 2012-05-03 11:43:56pm 6.1 years ago

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Last updated: 2012-05-03 11:44pm
May 1, 2012 Update
Quote: hmxhenry

Hey gang! We just got final confirmation from our Audio Team that we have a reliable schedule for both a fix and the roll out of the DLC backlog from the last 6 weeks.

SCEE / international PS3 users can expect to see a title update on 5/2 (i.e. tomorrow!) which will be necessary for you to download to resume DLC service. Once you allow the title update we'll be able to roll out the last few weeks of DLC you've missed. Here is the current schedule:

5/2 - Title Update and Week 229 (Evanescence)

5/9 - Week 230 (Slayer), Week 231 (P!nk), Week 232 (Cinderella), Week 233 (Eddie Money, Train, Yellowcard), and the regularly scheduled Week 234 that we're announcing this Friday

We'll post updates if we hear anything about those dates changing, but otherwise we should be entirely caught up by 5/9, well ahead of schedule.

Thanks to everyone for your continued patience while we resolved this issue. Everyone has been remarkably understanding and we really appreciate it. Thanks again!

Quote: hmxhenry
Quote: Tykki-Teme
A title update? Didn't excpect this.
Since you didn't mention it, I have to ask; All the missed RBN content is also coming during these two weeks, right?
RBN releases should be coming out alongside the core RB DLC, so the RBN tracks that came out with the Evanescence DLC should come out on 5/2 along with the Evanescence DLC. So all missed RBN tracks should be out by 5/9 following the schedule posted above.

Temporary Interruption in DLC Service for SCEE, NOA & NOE Starting 4/3
Quote: hmxhenry
Hey gang,

Starting April 3rd there will be a temporary interruption in DLC service for SCEE (Sony Europe), NOA (Nintendo in America) and NOE (Nintendo in Europe). This downtime is a direct result of mandatory changes being made to our DLC publishing arrangements.

What does this mean for PS3 and Wii users in the affected territories?

• After 4/3 there will be a temporary interruption of new DLC releases (including RBN)
• The existing catalog of previous RB DLC releases should remain available as usual
• Export for all eligible RB titles should be unaffected
• Our hope is to resume regular DLC service by this summer

We know that this isn’t ideal news for those of you still picking up new DLC every week, but you can trust that this short down time is necessary to ensure the continued release of DLC and the continued availability of the thousands of songs in the back catalog. There is no precedent for managing a library of content this size, and no standard for making changes on this scale but we are working hard to ensure that the process is as quick and as smooth as possible.

We’ll refresh this post with updates and responses to FAQs in the coming weeks, so please keep posted for more info. Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding.


Quote: hmxhenry
Quote: halfaworldaway
Why is there a downtime, and why are Xbox users not affected?
As mentioned in the announcement, this downtime is a result of mandatory changes in our DLC arrangements. The publishing details aren't entirely relevant, but suffice to say that this is a step we have to take if we want to continue to release DLC, and we definitely do!

As for why this downtime isn't affecting all RB users, it has a lot to do with how the different consoles and different regions manage DLC. These changes that we're making are being done on all platforms in all regions, and some were able to be resolved without any downtime.

Quote: Dadasaurus Rex

My question is will we get all the DLC that we miss during this time similiar in fashion to the way the Wii got caught up with xbox and ps3 in bigger bunches along with the regularly scheduled stuff?
It's still too early to know for sure, but my expectation is that there would be weeks with multiple back log releases in addition to new content. It's unlikely that all of the downtime DLC would be released in one go because we're not able to submit DLC for testing until these arrangements are sorted out. We'll update the sticky when we have a clearer schedule.

Quote: TheDescent

If, for any reason, we will get delays, price mistakes, RBN zone flag errors, songs disappearing from the PlayStation Store/In-game store AGAIN after this long break, I will spam my hate SO MUCH in the various PlayStation [forums]...
Those things are probably still going to happen. I mean, this thing isn't related to those things at all. I don't think spamming Sony is the answer though, because then they'll just have to deal with those issues AND your spam. Consider this: SCEE is more responsive now than they have ever been, and we're able to resolve the vast majority of issues with them in a week or two, while there was a time it could take months. Things are getting better.

Quote: Tykki-Teme

I hope this means that those EU-Store related problems will come to an end. After this long of a delay, there better be some kind of a payoff.
The payoff will be continued weekly DLC once this is all over. I know the interruption isn't ideal, but it beats the alternative which would be not publishing DLC at all.

Thanks to all for your understanding so far. I'll be in constant contact with the Audio and Music Ops teams in the coming weeks and will share as much info as is appropriate and relevant. My only request (other than your continued patience and understanding) is that the regular posters here help the less frequest / less informed posters find the stickied announcement when questions pop up. Links and quotes are always more helpful than snarky responses, so any assistance you can give folks on Friday mornings will go a long way towards keeping the forums more organized and pleasant for all of us. Thanks again.

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