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Welcome to the category for TrotMania Chrystalize, sequel to last year's Rhythm is Magic. This year, we increased our focus on brony artists and songs, and we have plenty of difficult songs awaiting!

Now, here are the instructions for download:

1. You see that item at the bottom: "[Package]"? Get that, then place it wherever (It is not recommended to place it in Program Files).

2. Click the "Download Pack" link in the upper-right corner of the screen. Place the contents after downloaded into the specific folder for Chrystalize songs. (i.e. If you put Chrystalize in the Desktop, the location would be something like "C:\...\Desktop\TrotMania Chrystalize\Songs\TrotMania Chrystalize)

2a. If you would like to play most of the Rhythm is Magic tracklist in this game, head on over to its category and download its pack. (Feel free to download its videos as well, if you wish)

2b. Likewise, if you'd like to get this game's sister mix, TrotMania Crusaders, head over to its category and get the pack. (Again, there are videos to individually download)

2c. At this point I advise getting any patches available, indicated by the title "[Extra (number)]". Please get them in sequential order, and make sure to unzip them in same order. Once download, open the zip and dump the folders (Which should have titles like "Courses", "Songs", etc.) into the root directory of your game. If you get these things and want stuff to actually show, it's recommended you go to Options in the Main Menu and select Reload Songs/Courses.

3. If you are seeking to play in fullscreen, go to Options in the main menu, then select Graphic/Sound Options. From there, you can change the resolution as well.

4. If the game seems offsync for all songs, then you need to adjust your Global Offset. Again in Options, select Calibrate Audio Sync as Player 1 (Be sure to use the Player 1 controls all the way there!) Once satisfied, exit with the escape button.

4a. If that isn't good enough, press F6 twice in gameplay (Once again, this must be done as Player 1). Play as accurately as possible, and when done (or pressed escape early), confirm the changes if you're satisfied with them.

Also, as usual, videos are not part of the pack download.

For these videos, you can simply click to start the download:
Babs Seed
MAKE IT SPECIAL (Reflection MIX) [Extra 1] TRACK! (Updated for [Extra 2])
Party With Pinkie [VIP] [Extra 2] TRACK!
Pinkie's Lie
Raise This Barn

For these videos, you must RIGHT-CLICK then save the target as its proper name unless you want to crash your browser:
[Some browsers bork the names when you try to save them; what you need to change is as follows:
%20 = a space
%21 = !
%28 = (
%29 = ) ]
Afterlife (Aviators Remix)
Mirai Start!
Take My Hand [Extra 2] TRACK!
The Perfect Stallion

Have fun!

86 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Afterlife (Aviators Remix) [V] 10.9 years ago351013--------Pad
Again10.7 years ago1579--------Pad
Aloe Aloe (Radio Edit)10.9 years ago15710--------Pad
Apple Bloom 'n Babs (Part 1)10.9 years ago1568--------Pad
Apple Bloom 'n Babs (Part 2)10.7 years ago14610--------Pad
Applejack's Theme [V] 7.8 years ago35101517-------Pad
Art Of The Dress (Afraid To Get Dirty Remix)7.8 years ago25101516-------Pad
Art of the Dress (Always Stressed Remix) [Density Special]7.8 years ago----14-------Pad
B.B.B.F.F. (Fire of Friendship Remix)10.9 years ago248109-------Pad
Babs Seed10.9 years ago15710--------Pad
Babs Seed (Reconciled Mix)10.9 years ago371012--------Pad
Bag Hag (I Didn't Put Those In My Bag)7.8 years ago156914-------Pad
Beat It10.9 years ago35911--------Pad
Becoming Popular (Assertive Fluttershy mix)10.9 years ago571113--------Pad
Big Macintosh (JackleApp Remix) (Flight Special)7.8 years ago----16-------Pad
Boo Hoo8.6 years ago47121617-------Pad
Buy Some Apples (feat. MEMJ-bot)7.8 years ago1569--------Pad
Call Upon the Seaponies (EuroSHOOBEDOO Mix)10.9 years ago461014--------Key
Canterlot Tame no Tatakai7.8 years ago6101217--------Pad
Celestia's Ballad (Sim Gretina Remix)7.8 years ago26915--------Pad
Celestia's Last Stand (Arcane RMX)7.8 years ago58111517-------Pad
Cerulean Blue10.9 years ago1571114-------Pad
Changeling [V] 7.8 years ago3571113-------Pad
Cherry Tree (feat. Emily Jones)7.8 years ago36710--------Pad
Cloudsdale EVOLVED (Super Eurobeat Mix)7.8 years ago471115--------Pad
Crusader (Are We There Yet)7.8 years ago36811--------Pad
Crystal Fair (174UDSI Remix)10.9 years ago14610--------Pad
Daring Do (feat. Kathy-chan)7.8 years ago15812--------Pad
Echoes of Friendship7.8 years ago15711--------Pad
Equestria Girls (Helping Twilight Win The Crown)10.7 years ago157911--459--Pad
Faster Than You Know7.8 years ago14713--------Pad
Flutterborn10.9 years ago1691214-------Pad
Fluttershy's Serious Workout7.8 years ago24613--------Pad
Flutterwonder [V] 7.8 years ago3581013-------Pad
For The New Lunar Republic [Remix]10.8 years ago3591213-------Pad
FOREVER7.8 years ago1471116-------Pad
FOREVER (JackTHerbert Remix)7.8 years ago49131718-------Pad
Glide (feat. Feather & memj0123)7.8 years ago1359--------Pad
Good Girl10.9 years ago247118-------Pad
Honesty (feat. EileMonty)7.8 years ago25610--------Key
Hush Now Quiet Now (TranceBlossom Remix)10.9 years ago24711--------Pad
I've Got To Find A Way 7.8 years ago124810-------Key
I've Got To Find A Way (MRPPony Remix)7.8 years ago461015--------Pad
Kindness10.9 years ago1569--------Pad
King Sombra EVOLVED (ver. A)7.8 years ago471016--------Pad
King Sombra EVOLVED (ver. B)7.8 years ago471016--------Pad
King Sombra EVOLVED (ver. C)7.8 years ago471016--------Pad
Lesson Learnt7.8 years ago46111619-------Pad
Lightning Dust -DanceDanceRevolution mix-10.9 years ago25610--------Pad
Luna (NIGHTMARE MODE)10.7 years ago58101218-------Pad
Made Up Your Mind8.7 years ago2581113-------Pad
Magic [V] 10.9 years ago148128-------Pad
MAKE IT SPECIAL (Reflection MIX)10.9 years ago27101216-------Pad
MAKE IT SPECIAL (Season Rebirth MIX)10.9 years ago25811--------Pad
Miles10.9 years ago261012--------Pad
Mirai Start! [V] 10.9 years ago14101211-------Pad
My Little Pony (Alex S. Glitch Mix) (Groove Radar Special)7.8 years ago----18-------Pad
Nightmare Night7.8 years ago2591214-------Pad
One-on-One With Rainbow Dash [V] 7.8 years ago15913--------Pad
Party 4U (For Pinkie Pie Remix)10.7 years ago461017--------Pad
Party With Pinkie (Discord Special)7.8 years ago----14-------Pad
Party With Pinkie [VIP]10.9 years ago47101216-------Pad
Pinkie's Lie10.9 years ago251115--------Pad
Rainbow Dash And Fluttershy Go For A Leisurely Glide7.8 years ago1461113-------Pad
Raise This Barn10.9 years ago136913-------Pad
Raise This Barn (Hoedown Mix)10.9 years ago5791417-------Pad
Skybound8.6 years ago37101316-------Pad
Something Better10.9 years ago24811--------Pad
Spin That Record Vinyl Scratch (Assertive Fluttershy Mix)8.7 years ago2691316-------Pad
Sunshine and Celery Stalks [V] 10.7 years ago25813--------Pad
Take My Hand [V] 10.9 years ago26912--------Pad
The Apology10.9 years ago13611--------Pad
The Flim Flam Brothers (Locomotion Mix ft. Rina)10.9 years ago36913--------Pad
The Perfect Stallion [V] 10.9 years ago1358---358--Pad
The Silliest of the Silly Ponies!10.9 years ago35912--------Pad
This is Our Big Night10.7 years ago146810--458--Pad
This Strange World10.7 years ago136811--368--Pad
Trixie10.9 years ago481012--------Pad
Trixie The Pony Troll (VIP)10.9 years ago46914--------Pad
Trixie's Good Side10.9 years ago1369--------Pad
Until The Sun10.9 years ago1358--------Pad
WLTZ4_TR.EXE (Trixie Returns)10.9 years ago261014--------Pad
Wonderbolt10.7 years ago47111618-------Pad
[Extra 1]10.9 years ago------------Key
[Extra 2]10.9 years ago------------Key
[Package]10.9 years ago------------Key
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