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Hello community!

So in between my main mixes I'm gonna do a small bonus mix (or two!); first one was a EuroVision pack, the second is a pack of just One Direction songs, all 18 tracks from their debut album Up All Night (including the bonus tracks on The Souvenir Edition) and 2 remixes. It's fair to say that if you like One Direction, you'll love this! Sadly if you don't I've lost a customer haha, but there's fun to be had even if you're not!

Whether you're downloading this as a hardcore fan or a casual, you'll be treated to 20 songs in varying difficulty, ranging various styles as well. We have the obvious synth-pop smash hit What Makes You Beautiful (including a very difficult remix!), ballads in the form of second single Gotta Be You and Taken, a hint of rock in I Want and much more!

8 of these songs have a music video too, and for the first time in HD! Because seeing Harry's face in anything less than HD is a sin. Of course, fans will be thinking "WHAT they only have 3 music videos!", well, thanks to fan videos and live versions there is no problem whatsoever!

So yeah, I urge you to download this, even if you're not exactly a fan, give it a go! I wouldn't have considered myself a fan a few weeks about but my friend Ami Lorenn (who this pack is of course dedicated to!) subtly shat all kinds of 1D stuff on tumblr and curiosity got the better of me and I checked them out, and they're pretty good! Maybe the same will happen to you! And what better way to discover an artist but through Stepmania!

Enjoy! *Singles will be released in a few weeks*

Ben Speirs' SPEIRMIX VS One Direction (20)
Another World / One Direction / 1-4-7-9-12
Everything About You* / One Direction / 1-4-6-9-11
Gotta Be You* / One Direction / 1-2-4-7
Gotta Be You (Steve Smart & Westfunk Remix) / One Direction / 1-5-8-12
I Should Have Kissed You / One Direction / 1-4-6-10-12
I Want* / One Direction / 2-5-9-12
I Wish / One Direction / 1-4-5-8
Moments / One Direction / 1-3-5-9
More Than This* / One Direction / 1-1-2-5
Na Na Na / One Direction / 1-4-7-11
One Thing* / One Direction / 1-3-6-10
Same Mistakes / One Direction / 1-2-4-7
Save You Tonight / One Direction / 1-3-6-9
Stand Up / One Direction / 1-3-7-10
Stole My Heart / One Direction / 2-5-8-13
Taken* / One Direction / 1-1-4-6
Tell Me A Lie / One Direction / 1-5-7-11
Up All Night* / One Direction / 1-3-6-8-12
What Makes You Beautiful* / One Direction / 1-4-6-9-13
What Makes You Beautiful (Dave Aude Club Mix) / One Direction / 3-6-10-14

* Includes video.
Note: Difficulties in 1-20 X Scale; classic 1-10 version also available.

20 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Another World11.5 years ago147912-------Pad
Everything About You [V] 11.5 years ago146911-------Pad
Gotta Be You [V] 11.5 years ago1247--------Pad
Gotta Be You (Steve Smart & Westfunk Mix)11.5 years ago15812--------Pad
I Should Have Kissed You11.5 years ago1461012-------Pad
I Want [V] 11.5 years ago25912--------Pad
I Wish11.5 years ago1458--------Pad
Moments11.5 years ago1359--------Pad
More Than This [V] 11.5 years ago1125--------Pad
Na Na Na11.5 years ago14711--------Pad
One Thing [V] 11.5 years ago13610--------Pad
Same Mistakes11.5 years ago1247--------Pad
Save You Tonight11.5 years ago1369--------Pad
Stand Up11.5 years ago13710--------Pad
Stole My Heart11.5 years ago25813--------Pad
Taken [V] 11.5 years ago1146--------Pad
Tell Me A Lie11.5 years ago15711--------Pad
Up All Night [V] 11.5 years ago136812-------Pad
What Makes You Beautiful [V] 11.5 years ago146913-------Pad
What Makes You Beautiful (Dave Aude Club Mix)11.5 years ago361014--------Pad
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