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14 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
apollo7.1 years ago3681010--681010-Pad
CHAOS ~Theory Remix~7.1 years ago4681010--681010-Pad
DAZZLING SEASON7.1 years ago46810---6810--Pad
europa(DDR edit)7.1 years ago256910--46910-Pad
Everything7.1 years ago35910---5910--Pad
Fascination ~INTERST8 R4V3 MIX~6 years ago6891010--891010-Pad
Illegal Function Call [V] 7.1 years ago2781010--681010-Pad
INSECTICIDE6 years ago4791010--7101010-Pad
m1dy Festival [V] 7.1 years ago5791010--791010-Pad
MEGALOMAN[i]A6 years ago4691010--791010-Pad
memento mori -intro- [V] 7.1 years ago3581010--581010-Pad
Memory of Sunrise [V] 6 years ago24810---4910--Pad
New Day7.1 years ago3691010--581010-Pad
Z -The New Legend-7.1 years ago4691010--691010-Pad

KONAMI Originals / Crossovers / Others

38 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
BBDECEBBDECE years ago1347---147--Pad
A.L.F. (Reconstructed By Accessory)7.1 years ago2469---468--Pad
Azitate7.1 years ago3571010--571010-Pad
butterfly (DELACTION REMIX)7.1 years ago1358---358--Pad
CaptivAte ~SABAKI~ [V] 6 years ago14689--4689-Pad
concon7.1 years ago2479---479--Pad
Cradle6 years ago24689--57910-Pad
DIVE20067.1 years ago1457---358--Pad
DM STAR ~KANSAI energy style~7.1 years ago1369---379--Pad
e-motion 2003 -romantic extra- [V] 7.1 years ago125810--25810-Pad
earth scape [V] 7.1 years ago12457--2357-Pad
Flip Flap5.5 years ago35810---5810--Pad
Flow (Unique's Direction Mix)6.9 years ago136910--36910-Pad
glacia6 years ago37910---7910--Pad
HANA RANMAN-Flowers- (2nd EDITION)6 years ago3468---469--Pad
Healing Universe7.1 years ago2579---5710--Pad
Hi7.1 years ago1357---357--Pad
INFINITAS beyond7.1 years ago1369---469--Pad
KI SE KI (IIDX RED EDIT) [V] 6 years ago1468---468--Pad
Loveless7.1 years ago1369---369--Pad
LUV TO ME 20117.1 years ago256810--56810-Pad
NEXT FRONTIER6.9 years ago247910--47910-Pad
ORION.78 (B4 ZA BEAT MIX)6.8 years ago2579---579--Pad
PARANOiA CLiMAX7.1 years ago2479---478--Pad
PLASMA7.1 years ago1367---368--Pad
Raison d'etre ~Kousa suru shukumei~ [V] 6 years ago146810--46910-Pad
Russian Snowy Dance7.1 years ago257910--57910-Pad
Silence7.1 years ago2468---457--Pad
Sundrop7.1 years ago1257---258--Pad
THE SHINING POLARIS (kors k mix)7.1 years ago358910--58910-Pad
Todestrieb6.1 years ago2579---479--Pad
TRIP MACHINE -Resuscitation Mix-6 years ago1568---468--Pad
ULTiMATE7.1 years ago2369---479--Pad
ULTRiX6.1 years ago2689---689--Pad
We're so Happy6 years ago357910--57910-Pad
Why did you go away7.1 years ago2469---479--Pad
Wuv U [V] 7.1 years ago2568---468--Pad
Zenius -I- vanisher [V] 6 years ago136810--36910-Pad


20 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Acapella [V] 7.1 years ago1367---368--Pad
Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) [V] 7 years ago1357---357--Pad
Danza Kuduro7 years ago23689--3689-Pad
Disco Lies (Freemansons Remix) [V] 7.1 years ago1358---468--Pad
Getting Away With Murder [V] 7.1 years ago1458---468--Pad
Hot N Cold (Jason Nevins Remix)6.8 years ago12567--3578-Pad
I Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB Remix)7.1 years ago1357---357--Pad
Lean On [V] 7 years ago1358---358--Pad
Livin' On a Prayer [V] 6.8 years ago13578--3578-Pad
Ooh La La [V] 7 years ago1368---368--Pad
Rockabye6 years ago12489--2599-Pad
Shake It Off [V] 7.1 years ago2578---468--Pad
Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) [V] 7 years ago1358---357--Pad
Stayin' Alive (Albina Mango Remix)7.1 years ago1357---368--Pad
Summer School7.1 years ago1457---368--Pad
The Carpal Tunnel of Love7.1 years ago1478---468--Pad
Uptown Funk! [V] 7.1 years ago1368---368--Pad
We Don't Talk Anymore [V] 6 years ago12689--2579-Pad
You're Gonna Go Far, Kid6 years ago2379---379--Pad
You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile [V] 6 years ago1468---357--Pad


5 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
NOVAmix1 (Smash Hits)7.1 years ago-357---367--Pad
NOVAmix2 (neofreeze)7.1 years ago-358---368--Pad
NOVAmix3 (Happy Core)7.1 years ago-479---479--Pad
NOVAmix4 (SN's Return)7.1 years ago-789---789--Pad
NOVAmix5 (Terminal)7.1 years ago-7910---7910--Pad

Requests and OPs

16 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
4F73R M37.1 years ago23579--3579-Pad
A Cruel Angel's Thesis [V] 6 years ago13578--3578-Pad
ACID VISION [V] 7 years ago257910--57910-Pad
Aleph-0 [V] 7.1 years ago268910--68910-Pad
All Night6 years ago135810--36810-Pad
Beginning of life (THE GROUND PULSE MIX)7.1 years ago1368---378--Pad
Caffeine (feat. Lamar Hall) [V] 6 years ago2478---479--Pad
Hamanasu Flower7 years ago1357---358--Pad
He's A Pirate7.1 years ago2479---489--Pad
Hello Happiness [V] 6 years ago146810--36810-Pad
Insomniac Skies7.1 years ago13567--3568-Pad
Light Up The Sky7.1 years ago1468---478--Pad
Stimulator7.1 years ago2479---479--Pad
Techno Kitty6 years ago2468---469--Pad
Under the Sky (Ryu Remix)7.1 years ago2247---269--Pad
WISH (EUROBEAT MIX)7.1 years ago14689--4689-Pad

SuperNOVA + SuperNOVA 2 Revivals

18 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Arrabbiata6 years ago3789---789--Pad
BALLAD FOR YOU6 years ago1257---257--Pad
CAN'T STOP FALLIN' IN LOVE -super euro version-6 years ago13568--2568-Pad
CURUS6 years ago2247---247--Pad
Feelings Won't Fade(Extend Trance Mix)6 years ago146810--46810-Pad
Flow (True Style)6 years ago34688--4688-Pad
Funk Boogie6 years ago14569--3569-Pad
INNOCENCE OF SILENCE6 years ago1468---468--Pad
Music In The Rhythm [V] 6 years ago14689--4679-Pad
OUTER LIMITS6 years ago3571010--581010-Pad
rainbow flyer6 years ago135710--35710-Pad
Raspberry Heart (English version)6 years ago13578--3578-Pad
Star Gate Heaven (FUTURE LOVE Mix)6 years ago1478---468--Pad
STARS (2nd NAOKI's style)6 years ago1567---578--Pad
Trust -DanceDanceRevolution mix- [V] 6 years ago1468---468--Pad
Unreal6 years ago2579---689--Pad
Votum stellarum -forest 25 DDR RMX-6 years ago125810--25810-Pad
Xepher [V] 6 years ago157910--56910-Pad
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