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Ben Speirs' SPEIRMIX 2



Hello everyone!

Here is the long-awaited direct sequel to my Stepmania series "Ben Speirs' SPEIRMIX", now on it's third entry! First things first, I have upped the ante to include 50 songs spanning all kinds of genres and decades so hopefully more people will be generally pleased with the selections. And don't forget that the majority of these songs have their official music videos in high quality for maximum visual pleasure!

We have some old school disco courtesy of Sophie Ellis Bexter's "Murder on the Dancefloor", some rocky tracks from the likes of The Killers, Busted and Black Veil Brides, your dubstep fix with a little of Skrillex and "Bangarang" and a hilarious remix of Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece film "The Room" by MiCrowJupiter, some BeatmaniaIIDX crossovers (including one insanely hard track from Humanoid...), a decent slice of J-pop including internet sensations "PonPonPon" and "Chance!", some cheese (*cough* JEDWARD *cough*), as well as moden day smash hits such as Jessie J's "Domino", Rihanna's "We Found Love", Carly Rae Jepsen's infectious "Call Me Maybe" and collaboration with Owl City "Good Time", Flo Rida's "Good Feeling" and many many more!

I'm sure there's something in here that you'll enjoy; I try to make my packs as universally likeable as possible afterall! I can promise that from the beginner player all the way up to those who can pass Valkyrie Dimension on Challenge with stealth on (seriously WTF that's crazy!), you'll have fun with the steps! I endeavored to ensure that more songs had difficult Challenge charts to appeal to the veterans out there!

This pack is fully compatible with all versions of Stepmania, and includes jacket support for an SM5 themes that take advantage of that feature!

So yeah, that's basically SPEIRMIX 2! If you want any more information don't hesitate to ask!

Special thanks to anybody who has downloaded either the first Speirmix or Speirmix VS EuroVision, seeing the download figures increase so rapidly is what keeps me churning stuff out so thanks!

50 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
1985 [V] 11.6 years ago13812--------Pad
Alone Again (Steve Smart & Westfunk Mix)11.6 years ago1369--------Pad
Bangarang [V] 11.6 years ago256914-------Pad
Call Me Maybe [V] 11.6 years ago135813-------Pad
Caramelldansen11.6 years ago13611--------Pad
Caramelldansen (Speedycake Mix) [V] 11.7 years ago15913--------Pad
Cat Song ~THEME OF UPA~11.6 years ago135107-------Pad
Chance! [V] 11.6 years ago13611--------Pad
Crashed The Wedding [V] 11.6 years ago25813--------Pad
Discord (The Living Tombstone's Mix) [V] 11.7 years ago13511--------Pad
Domino [V] 11.6 years ago13711--------Pad
Euphoria [V] 11.6 years ago13712--------Pad
Five Colours In Her Hair [V] 11.6 years ago24812--------Pad
Flawless (Go To The City)11.6 years ago13710--------Pad
Good Feeling11.6 years ago15913--------Pad
Good Time [V] 11.6 years ago15711--------Pad
Hella Good [V] 11.6 years ago13610--------Pad
Kids [V] 11.6 years ago1247--------Pad
Kiss Kiss [V] 11.6 years ago16912--------Pad
Livin' La Vida Loca11.6 years ago26914--------Pad
MENDES11.6 years ago59131619-------Pad
Mosaik Role [V] 11.6 years ago14812--------Pad
Murder On The Dancefloor [V] 11.7 years ago1248--------Pad
MY BOY [V] 11.7 years ago37111318-------Pad
My Sweet Darlin'11.7 years ago14813--------Pad
My Sweet Darlin' ~MOSH PIT STYLE~11.7 years ago251015--------Pad
Oh Hai Mark (The Room Dubstep Remix) [V] 11.7 years ago14815--------Pad
Omakase Guardian11.7 years ago15812--------Pad
PonPonPon [V] 11.7 years ago14610--------Pad
Rebel Love Song [V] 11.7 years ago37101315-------Pad
Runaways [V] 11.7 years ago14811--------Pad
Say Hey! (I Love You)11.7 years ago1359--------Pad
Silenced By The Night [V] 11.7 years ago1469--------Pad
Sounds of the Underground [V] 11.7 years ago15912--------Pad
Spitting Games [V] 11.7 years ago125911-------Pad
Taking Over Me [V] 11.7 years ago1358--------Pad
THANK YOU FOR PLAYING11.7 years ago2571214-------Pad
The Edge of Glory [V] 11.7 years ago13610--------Pad
The Middle [V] 11.7 years ago26912--------Pad
The One That Got Away [V] 11.7 years ago1259--------Pad
This Woman's Work (Echoes Mix)11.7 years ago1247--------Pad
TiK ToK [V] 11.7 years ago125712-------Pad
Tokaikko Junjou [V] 11.7 years ago14812--------Pad
Truly, Madly, Deeply11.7 years ago1235--------Pad
Walkie Talkie Man [V] 11.6 years ago1371216-------Pad
Waterline [V] 11.6 years ago361012--------Pad
We Found Love [V] 11.6 years ago125813-------Pad
Who Knew [V] 11.6 years ago1369--------Pad
You Said No [V] 11.6 years ago24711--------Pad
Zaleilah [V] 11.6 years ago24812--------Pad
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