The Messenger

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The Messenger

Welcome fellow ninja!

Join the Messenger and travel all the way from places like the Autumn Hills to the Temple of Time and
defeat the Demon King's forces along the way with these awesome chiptune beats!

Stepchart Writer for 15+ years

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Boss Fights

11 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
The Messenger - Abomination Beyond Words (Corrupted Boss)9.8 months ago2571013-------Pad
The Messenger - Colos & Suses (Searing Crags Boss)9.8 months ago256912-------Pad
The Messenger - Detritus Risen (Autumn Hills Boss)9.8 months ago246912-------Pad
The Messenger - Evil Manfred (Cloud Ruins Boss)7.2 months ago256911-------Pad
The Messenger - Phantom of Yore-Phantom's Legacy (Music Box Boss)7.2 months ago3571013-------Key
The Messenger - Ruxxtin the Great (Catacombs Boss)7.2 months ago147101320------Pad
The Messenger - The Arcane Golem (Tower of Time Boss)7.2 months ago367910-------Pad
The Messenger - The Bat-The Butterfly Matriarch (Riviere Turquoise Boss)6.9 months ago246911-------Pad
The Messenger - The Clockwork Concierge (Elemental Skylands Boss)7.2 months ago245810-------Pad
The Messenger - The Demon King (Forlorn Temple Boss)7.2 months ago2571011-------Pad
The Messenger - Turmoil & Treachery (Howling Grotto Boss)7.2 months ago146810-------Pad

The Future

17 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
The Messenger - A Melody to Break the Curse (Music Box Future)7.2 months ago246912-------Pad
The Messenger - Bamboo Boogaloo II (Bamboo Creek Future)7.2 months ago246910-------Pad
The Messenger - Beneath the Surface (Sunken Shrine Future)7.2 months ago136811-------Pad
The Messenger - Civilization in the Sky (Cloud Ruins Future)7.2 months ago2571011-------Pad
The Messenger - Harnessing the Wind (Howling Grotto Future)7.2 months ago136810-------Pad
The Messenger - Hills of Intent (Autumn Hills Future)7.2 months ago136810-------Pad
The Messenger - Know the Way (Dark Cave Future)7.2 months ago147912-------Pad
The Messenger - Remembered and Forgotten (Forlorn Temple Future)7.1 months ago246911-------Pad
The Messenger - Return to the Depths (Catacombs Future)7.1 months ago135712-------Pad
The Messenger - The Blue River (Riviere Turquoise Future)6.9 months ago136810-------Pad
The Messenger - The Corrupted Future6.9 months ago146811-------Pad
The Messenger - The Demon's Lair (Underworld Future)6.7 months ago257911-------Pad
The Messenger - The Frozen Dark (Glacial Peak Future)6.9 months ago13579-------Pad
The Messenger - The Queendom of Quills (Quillshroom Marsh Future)6.9 months ago246910-------Pad
The Messenger - The Tower of Time (Tower of Time Future)6.7 months ago13579-------Pad
The Messenger - To the Top (Searing Crags Future)6.9 months ago136911-------Pad
The Messenger - Water & Wind (Elemental Skylands Future)6.9 months ago236810-------Pad

The Past

17 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
The Messenger - A Home Amongst the Clouds (Cloud Ruins Past)9.8 months ago246910-------Pad
The Messenger - Bamboo Boogaloo (Bamboo Creek Past)9.8 months ago24689-------Pad
The Messenger - Beneath the Tides (Sunken Shrine Past)9.8 months ago135710-------Pad
The Messenger - Find a Way (Dark Cave Past)9.2 months ago136810-------Pad
The Messenger - Fire & Earth (Elemental Skylands Past)9.2 months ago23689-------Pad
The Messenger - Forgotten (Forlorn Temple Past)8.8 months ago246911-------Pad
The Messenger - Harness the Winds (Howling Grotto Past)8.8 months ago13689-------Pad
The Messenger - Hills of Destiny (Autumn Hills Past)8.8 months ago13579-------Pad
The Messenger - Impossible Ascent (Searing Crags Past)7.2 months ago136810-------Pad
The Messenger - Into the Depths (Catacombs Past)7.2 months ago135711-------Pad
The Messenger - Quillshroom's Horrors (Quillshroom Marsh Past)7.2 months ago246810-------Pad
The Messenger - The Corrupted Past7.2 months ago14579-------Pad
The Messenger - The Demon Army (Underworld Past)7.2 months ago246810-------Pad
The Messenger - The Frozen Light (Glacial Peak Past)7.2 months ago13569-------Pad
The Messenger - The Poisoned River (Riviere Turquoise Past)7.2 months ago136810-------Pad
The Messenger - The Time Gauntlet (Tower of Time Past)7.2 months ago1358--------Pad
The Messenger - To Break the Curse (Music Box Past)7.2 months ago236710-------Pad
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