Ace Of Arrows Vol. 14 - The Definition of Fun

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Ace Of Arrows Volume 14: The Definition of Fun
Originally Released February 2018

About This Pack
This pack, as the one before it, was a very big deal, and really helped mark the end of a major transitional period.
* This was the first pack I made and released entirely while living where I now am in 2019.
* It's true that this pack was released an entire 3 1/2 years after the previous one. (In fact, 4 simfiles for this pack were written in 2015, and NONE were written in 2016; most of the major work for this pack was second-half 2017 and early 2018.) That's because this was the first pack I charted after starting to do streams on Twitch, which I was very busy focusing very hard on doing speedruns on for those first few years. At least now I was now calling myself "Ace Of Arrows" everywhere.
* This was the first pack for which I released a demo, and Stevo of WorstBestFriends helped give me input regarding how it was going as I charted it.
* The theme of this pack was to be as fun as I could possibly make it.

Basics Regarding All My Packs
* All of my packs are meant to be paddable.
* I use the ITG (old DDR) scale for ratings. (I never liked the new DDRX scale.)
* As I became a stepartist in 2008 in the era of ITG2, Rolls and Mines have always been considerations. (I also feel Rolls are an underused commodity, so as a result, I love using them when I can find reasons to, though my choice of placement has certainly seen massive improvement over the years.)
* I usually write in SM 3.95 CVS, since ITG2 is based upon it. While I don't hate SM5 elements, I still see no real utility for them (and I hear others feel the same way). So I don't use them. Moreover, my work remains .sm-file-based; I feel .ssc files are too niche and limit the appeal of my work.

About the Zenius Ports of My Packs/Simfiles
* Zenius mandates that I upload DDR-size 256x80 pack banners for inclusion in the pack, which contrasts with the 418x164 ITG-size banners I've always used for everything. The banner you see here in the description is ITG-size 418x164. I'd prefer you replace the DDR-size one with the ITG-size one.
* I am not changing all my song backgrounds to .png files, nor adjusting any video sizes, for Zenius. That's asking too much for a port of my packs that's only going to one place. Anything that doesn't take will be left as is.
* If you want to grab my packs with a guarantee you'll receive them entirely as intended with no filesize constraints, you can visit my website, Ace Of Arrows Simfiles.

18 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
All I Can Do [V] 4.9 years ago235710-------Pad
Can't Defeat Air Man (SoundHolic Version)4.9 years ago247911-------Pad
Colorful Precious Life4.9 years ago246811-------Pad
Groovin' Magic4.9 years ago245710-------Pad
Happiness!4.9 years ago246810-------Pad
Happy Sensation4.9 years ago135710-------Pad
Inspector Gadget Theme [V] 4.9 years ago13579-------Pad
Little Busters Theme [V] 4.9 years ago236810-------Pad
Recall4.9 years ago247910-------Pad
Sailor Moon [V] 4.9 years ago246810-------Pad
Shokuza Belladonna4.9 years ago4681012-------Pad
Star Story4.9 years ago13578-------Pad
Stress-Free Style4.9 years ago4791113-------Pad
The Fine Every Day4.9 years ago257911-------Pad
True-Blue4.9 years ago247911-------Pad
Vertex Meister [V] 4.9 years ago246811-------Pad
Walkie Talkie Man [V] 4.9 years ago246911-------Pad
Worldly Spirits [V] 4.9 years ago257911-------Pad
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