Ace Of Arrows Vol. 12 - Unstoppable Love Power

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Ace Of Arrows Volume 12: Unstoppable Love Power
Originally Released November 2013

About This Pack
* This was the last release that I megapacked, since I didn't have internet where I lived at the time. This thus ended up being the last smallish pack I released.
* It took a while to get this out after Volume 12 because I was dealing with some medical issues that have since been resolved.
* Despite knowing about Twitch for a while by this point and having changed most other things to "Ace Of Arrows," I was yet still writing charts under the pen name "Ace Of Hearts" at this time; I still hadn't started streaming on Twitch myself.
* In 2018, this pack was carefully checked over as part of my "Bring It Forward" project. This means all songs were given new banners to replace my older, uglier banners, and any songs needing it were re-synced.

Basics Regarding All My Packs
* All of my packs are meant to be paddable.
* I use the ITG (old DDR) scale for ratings. (I never liked the new DDRX scale.)
* As I became a stepartist in 2008 in the era of ITG2, Rolls and Mines have always been considerations. (I also feel Rolls are an underused commodity, so as a result, I love using them when I can find reasons to, though my choice of placement has certainly seen massive improvement over the years.)
* I usually write in SM 3.95 CVS, since ITG2 is based upon it. While I don't hate SM5 elements, I still see no real utility for them (and I hear others feel the same way). So I don't use them. Moreover, my work remains .sm-file-based; I feel .ssc files are too niche and limit the appeal of my work.

About the Zenius Ports of My Packs/Simfiles
* Zenius mandates that I upload DDR-size 256x80 pack banners for inclusion in the pack, which contrasts with the 418x164 ITG-size banners I've always used for everything. The banner you see here in the description is ITG-size 418x164. I'd prefer you replace the DDR-size one with the ITG-size one.
* I am not changing all my song backgrounds to .png files, nor adjusting any video sizes, for Zenius. That's asking too much for a port of my packs that's only going to one place. Anything that doesn't take will be left as is.
* If you want to grab my packs with a guarantee you'll receive them entirely as intended with no filesize constraints, you can visit my website, Ace Of Arrows Simfiles.

10 SimfilesLast UpdateSingleDoublePadStatus
Aquarium4.9 years ago247911-------Pad
Dimension Tripper! [V] 4.9 years ago357911-------Pad
Fate Runners [V] 4.9 years ago257911-------Pad
Graceful Anomaly [V] 4.9 years ago257911-------Pad
Hardware Store4.9 years ago4791113-------Pad
Masara Blue Jeans [V] 4.9 years ago257911-------Pad
Moshi Moshi [V] 4.9 years ago246810-------Pad
This Will Be The Day [V] 4.9 years ago357911-------Pad
Tsuru Pettan [V] 4.9 years ago357911-------Pad
Yellow [V] 4.9 years ago13579-------Pad
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