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CommentsI mainly tweeted wanting to cram this song in time for 2/22/2022 as a joke. https://twitter.com/t7r_returns/status/1495259384196345856

So a couple of replies later forcednature suddenly DMs me for a collab offer while I was drafting a reply that after thinking it through I believed forced and Pandy are better off doing this. I was hesitant at first because I just can't leave Pandy out of a collab involving Nekomata in it.

Thus I decided to make this a three-person collab considering the song is basically ⅔ Nekomata and ⅓ L.E.D. Also Pandy is pretty much PENDUAL PRESENT (Nekomata fan), forced is pretty much PENDUAL FUTURE (L.E.D. fan), and I am SUPER FUTURE 2323 (yellow profile pic man)

Pandy was like “we should release this in 2222”. I agree. We're 200 years early.

We did this in like two days. We hope you enjoy it.

Also included in Pandemonium X presents Wave Ravers.

Splits are:
- t7r - m8-m22, m44-49, m52-53 (22 measures)
- Pandemonium X - m23-43, m50-51 (22 measures)
- forcednature - m54-78 (24 measures, basically almost all of the L.E.D. part because duh)

Video below by forcednature

Update log:
2023-01-27: Replaced AVI with MP4
2022-02-22: Released
2022-02-20: Initial upload
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faraon573 Avatar
faraon573 This is like a fusion of the song Back Chronos by Nekomata and another song that I can't tell which one it is
2.1 years ago · Comment #1

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