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CommentsHere's an entry from DDREvolved Presents Cheesemix 8's non-judged anonymous bracket.

Changes from Cheesemix counterpart:
- CSP added. Only Karl has played this. The rest of you haven't. Now it's out for everyone to experience.
- .ogg audio and 0 offset

So we know Karl with a K doesn't do easy files so who is the first person you think of that is active in DDREvolved, steps rock music, and is capable of making easy charts?

Anyway, this idea was spawned immediately after Karl with a K mentioned DDREvolved at one point.

The story with Challenge is, originally I wanted to do a 17 back when Karl simply liked really hard files. Now that he has "interesting rhythms" in his review criteria (usually noted with IRP or "Interesting Rhythm Police" approval), I decided to make sure the chart had that approval. First draft was too hard and got an IRP no. What is in this file now is a 16 and IRP approved.

How "Nacho Cheese Sauce" is laid out in the (unofficial) jacket accidentally spelled "t7r". Use your imagination.

Would once again like to thank Karl with a K (known as SirDj0nt here) for agreeing to make this crazy idea be a reality.

Oh did I mention Karl charted his own Doubles to this? I originally was supposed to consider this for ZIv Freestyle Showcase 2021's Doubles bracket but there's a rule where songs previously charted aren't allowed so I can't but Karl can.

One day I'll record footage of just pouring Tostitos cheese dip over a plate of nachos in loop; that will be its official video someday if I don't forget.

Nacho graphics from here: https://pixabay.com/photos/nachos-cheese-food-dish-5686027/
Karl with a K's Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/472f2Uez6l3cC6DPI7vnzi?si=WuQXavOXTPm4T4F6zq5Fmw

Update log:
2022-05-23: Used official jacket (hi Karl)
2022-02-02: Released
2022-01-29: Initial upload
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