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CommentsRead the readme...

works in all versions of SM.
It is recommended you play this in SM5 for real-time step judgement.

Song Comments (character information):

Sticking to the tried and true formula of 170-190 bpm wins the race, I went with a song I've been wanting to step for some time.

Somewhere along the line, I decided, you know what, let's do this RIGHT.

I knew from the start that the theme of this file was going to involve Ama-tan,
so I figured I'd use this as a chance to reveal more about the character.

Or not.

The ratings may feel messed up, but I had testers for this with an audience and apparently reading reverse is hard,
so this is what we ended up with. The 9 is the only chart that didn't go through at least 10 revisions.

Character information:


Ama-tan is a mysterious stepchart writing troll girl with an as yet unknown past.
She is a fan of hardcore music primarily, but will listen to most things.

Name: Ama
Birthplace: ?
Hobby: Making music, Art, Writing stepchart
Likes: J-core, Makoto, people's reactions to things, being hated
Dislikes: Sad things, being restricted

(This is not project J, that's for next week :])
Rating10★ (Based on 2 ratings)
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Arrows&Beats Avatar
Arrows&Beats I love this!
5.5 years ago · Comment #8

TaroNuke Avatar
TaroNuke Now it has playfield anims for sm5.
5.5 years ago · Comment #7

TaroNuke Avatar
TaroNuke majinSteph - this is for ITG/SM 3.9. It's a foreground overlay. It is an animation, played over the playfield to obscure your vision and nothing more. It doesn't have any actual gameplay.
You are supposed to read the chart given and continue playing, without being able to see your score.
Actually having playfield animations would only work in SM5.


5.5 years ago · Comment #6

TaroNuke Avatar
TaroNuke what was the problem?
5.5 years ago · Comment #5

majinsteph Avatar
majinsteph This is the coolest idea for a simfile I have ever seen.
Edit: Thought it wasn't working at first, but I think I was just failing to hit the arrows, bewildered by its coolness.

5.5 years ago · Comment #4

chewi Avatar
chewi Likes: Makoto
5.5 years ago · Comment #3

TaroNuke Avatar
TaroNuke Audacity and exporting ogg at highest setting :/
5.5 years ago · Comment #2

Telperion Avatar
Telperion Why is the music file six whole megs lol
5.5 years ago · Comment #1

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