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Hurt and Heal Indexsilenttype01 62,019
il y a 10.3 mois
Hurt and Heal ThreadsPie-kun 22,641
il y a 3.4 années
Rate the musicChickenonline 82213,741
il y a 1.3 jours
Ctrl+V ThreadPandemonium X 3,06697,001
il y a 3.2 jours
^ < vProfessor Raine 6039,202
il y a 4.8 jours
Thrown Controllers -substream- [ROUND II, SIGN-UPS STILL ACTIVE]Quickman 1252,826
il y a 1 semaine
DDR X Ratings Featuring Decimal Points!NewbStepper 2155,328
il y a 1.5 semaines
Multiple Choice Threadhamsand210-final 5669,357
il y a 1.7 semaines
Scientific Description of Cartoon Character Game-Viper- 1306,684
il y a 1.8 semaines
DDR MAX Hurt and HealSomethingRandom 10181
il y a 2 semaines
SubjectsAegis 33665
il y a 2.8 semaines
Create your own song remixes and collaborations IITensaiKashou 2,215109,754
il y a 4.2 semaines
Give that song a DDR X Rating!Braeden47 88148,908
il y a 1.3 mois
THPS2 Soundtrack Hurt And HealQuickman 19540
il y a 1.4 mois
1000 ways to get kicked out of _________1033Forest 2553,744
il y a 1.5 mois
Thrown ControllersQuickman 1293,557
il y a 1.6 mois
The 5 word game1033Forest 51575
il y a 1.6 mois
The Most Cringeworthy Songs You Can Find!GadgetJax 581,930
il y a 1.7 mois
The Craziest Bucket List Evermidone 43649
il y a 1.7 mois
Would You Rather ...?KevinRocker10 1172,231
il y a 1.8 mois
Race to a Billion -EVOLUTION- [ROUND 10] (Sign Ups Closed)Oni-91 1,07227,331
il y a 1.8 mois
Turn the spambots' nonsense into Bemani song titles.Lirodon 582,220
il y a 1.9 mois
Create Your Own CoursesBraeden47 15216,144
il y a 2.3 mois
The Top 5 Gamehamsand210-final 531,457
il y a 2.6 mois
The Keyboard Threadaidan9030 11273
il y a 3.1 mois
If this song got crossed over, how hard would it be?Silver Spirit 1182,596
il y a 3.9 mois
Create your own beatmania IIDX/pop'n-Style GenresMichael1991 15214,882
il y a 4.2 mois
Give the song a Mungyodance rating!1033Forest 10216
il y a 5 mois
Which stepchart is more enjoyable?NewbStepper 1433,041
il y a 6.4 mois
Rate the album!Aegis 4332
il y a 6.5 mois
If this song were crossed into Pop'n Music, who would its character be?01angel 881,738
il y a 6.8 mois
Whose voice do you read the user above you's posts in?01angel 1042,085
il y a 6.8 mois
DDR SuperNova Hurt And Heal!Kyle3912 1162,190
il y a 7.3 mois
Best to Worst - IIDX and DDR Themes/Interfaces-Viper- 24986
il y a 7.8 mois
Food Pyramid Challengehamsand210-final 16663
il y a 8.3 mois
Hurt & Heal: Caffeinated SurpriseAnonyWolf 20611
il y a 8.4 mois
Rank The RemovalsKyle3912 651,714
il y a 8.4 mois
Hurt&Heal REMIX — DDR X2darkanine 731,706
il y a 8.6 mois
Create your own BEMANI Crossover Event!_|/-\43D 121,977
il y a 9 mois
ZIv Offical Best Soundtrack Ever 2015 (MATCH 7 + 8 UNDERWAY - VOTE NOW)Quickman 531,484
il y a 9.6 mois

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