Z-I-v Summer Contest 2017 [GAME OVER, YEAAAHHH]

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Post #1 · Posted at 2017-05-01 04:17:14am 6.6 years ago

Offline Pandemonium X
Pandemonium X Avatar Member
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Last updated: 2017-08-14 05:15pm
It's that time once again, Summer Contest time!

Click on the image to go to the category.

What is Summer Contest
Summer Contest is a 3 month long simfile competition where users must create a simfile within one week depending on a theme. There's some new changes this year so please read.

Summer Contest will start with a theme each week for 10 weeks. (Odds picked by Oni, Evens picked by Feraligatr). After 10 weeks, the contest will enter “VIP Room” where 15 of the top members will throw down for 3 weeks, the most points at the end of VIP Room will be declared the winner of the 2017 Summer Contest.

We will also have an overall leaderboard. Points are earned by placing top 10 each week. Keep in mind leaderboard points will be different from vote points.

1st: 20 points
2nd 15 points
3rd 12 points
4th 10 points
5th 8 points
6th: 6 points
7th: 4 points
8th: 3 points
9th: 2 points
10th 1 point

How do I get in the VIP Room?:
There’s 2 ways to get in the VIP Room

1. Place 1st in one of the 10 weeks of SC. (If there’s a tie for first in a week, both will advance)
2. The top players who have not already qualified for winning a week will fill in the rest of the spots for VIP Room. Look at it as a wild card or 2nd chance to get in.
3. If a member wins a week that’s already won one before, that will open up another spot for the leaderboard to get in the VIP Room.
4. If there's a tie on votes in a week, then it's decided by most +5 votes, if there's still a tie after that, then it's most +4 votes and so on.

VIP Rounds will be all free weeks.

1. You are required to vote. Failure to vote will void your entry for that theme week. As in your file will be disqualified. That should clean up some confusion we had during Battle Royal.
2. You are not allowed to vote for your own song.
3. ONE file per week.
4. Entries must be uploaded by the deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS
5. The entries must be named accordingly: [Name of the Week's Theme] - Song Name. This is so the simfiles are well organized and easy to get to.
6. In the event of duplicate entries from multiple contestants, use the above format, while adding your name in parentheses.
Example [BEMANI] – PAPAYAPA BASS (Pandemonium X) and [BEMANI] - PAPAYAPA BASS (Oni-91).
7. One member = One vote. Do not make alternate accounts to get more votes. We will find out and violation of this will result in being removed from the contest and possible site ban.
8. Don't make a ton of pointless drama in the thread. We will give you a warning if it starts to become an issue.

1. At least one chart is required. More than one is optional.
2. Songs must be rated in DDR's old scale of 1-10 or ITG's scale of 1-13. This is so ratings are consistent
3. Songs are required to be less than two minutes and thirty seconds, unless otherwise stated.
4. No keyboard charts. Pad style charts only.
5. Automatically generated steps are not allowed.
6. New simfiles only. Previous publicly released simfiles are not allowed.

Any violation of the rules will result in immediate disqualification from the contest and all entries will be deleted.


The biggest change this year will be private voting. Voting will be done ala PM. You can PM Pandemonium X, Oni-91, or Feraligatr your votes. PLEASE PUT THE WEEK’S THEME IN THE PM SUBJECT. Votes will be revealed at the end of the week along with the official results. This should fix any voter trickery that we’ve been seeing in the last few contests.

1. Each member will get 15 points to distribute between as many songs as they want (5 is no longer the limit).
2. You have to use at least 10 of your points when voting.
3. The max number of points you can give one file is 5.
4. Once your PM is sent, your votes are final.
5. You can still post your votes publicly and give feedback like before, but they will not officially count until the PM is sent.

Link to PMs for voting:

Pandemonium X

Week Deadline will be Monday 5pm UTC/1pm EST. No exceptions!

May 1st-May 8th: Contest starts. Round 1 opens
May 8th-May15th: Week 1 submissions end, voting for week 1 begins, week 2 opens.
May 15th-May 22nd: Week 1 results, Week 2 voting, week 3 open
May 22nd-May 29th: Week 2 results, Week 3 voting, Week 4 opens
May 29th-June 5th: Week 3 results, Week 4 voting, Week 5 opens
June 5th-June 12th: Week 4 results, Week 5 voting, Week 6 opens
June 12th-June 19th Week 5 results, Week 6 voting, Week 7 opens
June 19th-June 26th: Week 6 results, Week 7 voting, Week 8 opens
June 26th-July 3rd: Week 7 results, Week 8 voting, Week 9 opens
July 3rd-July 10th: Week 8 results, Week 9 voting, Week 10 opens
July 10th-July 17th : Week 9 results, Week 10 voting.
July 17th – July 24th: Week 10 results. VIP Room ROUND 1 BEGINS
July 24th – July 31st: VIP Room Round 1 ends, Round 2 starts
July 31st – August 7th: VIP Room Round 1 results, VIP Room Round 2 voting, VIP Room Round 3 starts
August 7th – August 14th: VIP Round 2 results, VIP Round 3 voting.
August 14th: Final results, contest ends.

Where Do I Sign Up?:
You can sign up by saying so in this thread or sending me a PM. If you sign up and are still not able to upload files, let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

If there's any questions or concerns, please let me know ASAP so it's not a problem half way into this.

Good luck, and welcome to the 8th annual Summer Contest!

Post #2 · Posted at 2017-05-01 04:28:08am 6.6 years ago

Offline stylek226
stylek226 Avatar Member
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"Bemani Remix Hunter."
Here we go again...

Post #3 · Posted at 2017-05-01 04:31:58am 6.6 years ago

Offline CuzcoBlocko
CuzcoBlocko Avatar Member
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"[Art by LilyBreez]"

Last updated: 2017-05-01 04:33am

Expect only two files if I'm lucky...

Post #4 · Posted at 2017-05-01 05:01:30am 6.6 years ago

Offline warpdr!ve
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Last updated: 2017-05-01 05:09am
not 100% on if I'll actually make charts but I'll probably at least do the review thing again, regardless save me the spot

also the rule changes from BR seem mostly in a direction I like so A++ there

APPEND - dear lord it's starting this week lmao

APPEND II - if it is starting this week, maybe I'm dumb but I couldn't find the theme lol, I wouldn't mind it getting pushed back a week haha

Thanks to Lord Toon for the wonderful sig image!

If you'd like a review on a contest chart, PM me! (Reviews will probably be given on or around the Friday after the PM fyi.)

Post #5 · Posted at 2017-05-01 05:06:10am 6.6 years ago

Offline HealingDMax300
HealingDMax300 Avatar Member
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I might or might not submit the first two weeks though.

Post #6 · Posted at 2017-05-01 05:10:10am 6.6 years ago

Offline NuVirus
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VIP Room? Leaderboard system? Improved voting system? Count me in!
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Post #7 · Posted at 2017-05-01 05:15:20am 6.6 years ago

Offline DevilsLynAvenged12!
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I also want to join this contest

Post #8 · Posted at 2017-05-01 05:30:59am 6.6 years ago

Offline mf32892
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Glad we're reducing it to 1 file per person. Wayyy too many files to judge for my liking :/ Liking most of the new rules! Interesting too how this is the first contest officially allowing you to not distribute all 15 points if you don't feel it to be necessary.

Question: With votes being private does this mean we don't get a running total as the week goes by?

Anyways, count me in!
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Post #9 · Posted at 2017-05-01 05:55:34am 6.6 years ago

Offline vincentw
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Last updated: 2017-05-01 05:55am
Count me in! Hopefully I can submit something.

Quote: mf32892
Question: With votes being private does this mean we don't get a running total as the week goes by?
I don't think so. One of the reasons private voting is a thing is that we won't know how the leaderboard looks like when we're voting, therefore reducing biases.

Post #10 · Posted at 2017-05-01 06:08:19am 6.6 years ago

Offline ledgam3r1279
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"now led_light for short"

Last updated: 2017-05-01 06:10am
I'm not sure if I'll like the private voting yet, but at least I'm excited about the new leaderboard and VIP room. The only rule I'd object to right now is the 10 point minimum, since everyone effectively only has 10 points now (giving any more than that would only put yourself at a disadvantage).

Regardless, I'm definitely going to participate in as many weeks as possible.
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Post #11 · Posted at 2017-05-01 06:54:56am 6.6 years ago

Offline Spork!
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Count me in. These new rules excite me in a variety of ways.

Gonna get some major practice in finding new music to fit each theme. Can't wait. Summer comp is my second favorite behind the Shuffle <3

Post #12 · Posted at 2017-05-01 08:11:34am 6.6 years ago

Offline K-Step
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Last updated: 2017-05-01 08:11am

I'm in.

Also I made graphics for use in this contest. I'm thinking a night theme would be nice.



BG Wide


Post #13 · Posted at 2017-05-01 08:33:23am 6.6 years ago

Offline brunobg24
brunobg24 Avatar Member
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"hi kids"
Sign me in, please Big Grin
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Post #14 · Posted at 2017-05-01 09:20:41am 6.6 years ago

Offline 01angel
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Game Center Nickname: 0/1 ANGEL
"Mostly just lurking."
Translation: "Please sign me up!"

Not too keen on the private voting idea, but still...WOOOOOOO!!!
Don't forget, I'm angel for yoooooooou(|[*'v'*]|)
~Eternal Ham World Order member~
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Post #15 · Posted at 2017-05-01 10:18:25am 6.6 years ago

Offline Daffa212162
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"Just call me Daff_4K"
I'm in. Sign me up.
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Post #16 · Posted at 2017-05-01 10:21:18am 6.6 years ago

Offline TikalFan9000
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Post #17 · Posted at 2017-05-01 11:10:00am 6.6 years ago

Offline 01angel
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Game Center Nickname: 0/1 ANGEL
"Mostly just lurking."

Last updated: 2017-05-01 11:31am
While I'm at it, I've got some ideas for themes this year that I'd like to throw at all of you Evil Puppy
I don't know if they've been done yet since this is my first summer contest...
Anyway, here they are~

Alliteration Week: All the words in your song's title must begin with the same letter (e.g. Linear Locomotive Love, PEACEFUL PLANET PARTY, Cosmic Cat)

Waltz Week: The song you step must be in a 3/4 time signature.

DDR Re-Step Week: Re-step any song that's already been in DDR!

Songs with "step" or "dance" in the title or lyrics

Symbols Week: The title of your song must have a symbol in it, whether it's *, ~, @, #, or even a heart or star.

"Easy-Hard" Week: Your Heavy chart must be below a level 8 on the DDR classic scale!

Mini Shuffle: This week must be announced in advance. Everyone sends in a skeleton for someone else to step a la Simfile Shuffle.

Child's Play: Step a children's song and feel free to make it as hard as you want!

Threes (ILLUMINATI???) Week: Step a song with "3" anywhere in the title or lyrics. Must have at least 1 chart rated a multiple of 3, too - 3, 6, 9, or 12.

Outer Space Week: Step a song with something celestial in the title or lyrics!
Don't forget, I'm angel for yoooooooou(|[*'v'*]|)
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Post #18 · Posted at 2017-05-01 11:18:55am 6.6 years ago

Offline RGTM
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Yep, count me in.

I'll also come up with some theme ideas later on.
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Post #19 · Posted at 2017-05-01 11:50:53am 6.6 years ago

Offline SomethingRandom
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Game Center Nickname: blearymoos
"bootylicious "

Post #20 · Posted at 2017-05-01 11:52:29am 6.6 years ago

Offline Gameoson
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3DS Friend Code: 3969-4495-2046

Last updated: 2017-05-01 11:53am

Quote: ledgam3r1279
The only rule I'd object to right now is the 10 point minimum, since everyone effectively only has 10 points now (giving any more than that would only put yourself at a disadvantage).

^ What I was thinking.

Quote: 01angel
Waltz Week: The song you step must be in a 3/4 time signature.

I think this should be expanded to Non 4/4 Week, and any song that's not in common 4/4 time for at least four measures is allowed. So we could have 3/4. 6/8, 7/4, whatever oddball time signatures Dream Theater loves using, etc.
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