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Post #621 · Posted at 2020-01-03 09:06:51pm 3.3 weeks ago

Offline eddiex3
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Hi everyone. I was wondering if somebody can help me with this.
I'm trying to correct the position of the selected objects in the image below (from screen results), but I can't find the .lua file or a line in metrics.ini that allow me to change/modify that... Do you know where can I find that file or what file it is?, and what lines do I have to modify in order to change and correct the position of that to do it more accurate to the arcade screen results? Thanks!


Post #622 · Posted at 2020-01-04 03:13:32am 3.3 weeks ago

Offline VR0
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Last updated: 2020-01-04 03:16am
Quote: pupsi
A20 GOLD revamp (4:3 only):
I give permission to edit this LIFE GAUGE.
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Post #623 · Posted at 2020-01-13 06:05:58pm 1.9 weeks ago

Offline loppy893
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Will this never have 1080p support?

Post #624 · Posted at 2020-01-13 10:29:01pm 1.9 weeks ago

Offline AxelWasHere
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Quote: loppy893
Will this never have 1080p support?


thats your 1080p verison.

Post #625 · Posted at 2020-01-23 10:52:58am 3.9 days ago

Offline faraon573
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Last updated: 2020-01-23 10:52am
Quote: pupsi
Thought I'd share a lil side project I've been working on lately. Took some time to remake and customize assets from the DDR A theme in HD; trying to make this into a solid, pretty, daily driver theme for myself. I'll release to the community once I'm finished if I can get approval from KENp!


Link for this theme please

Quote: pupsi
So I've been working on this now in addition to my last post:


Kind of a funky amalgamation of kenp's DDR X2 and DDR A themes as well as my own assets and sweet google sans for the font.
Will release both this and the gold variant from my last post to the community after some more polish. (haven't even tested multiplayer yet) I would make my own thread for these but I'm not sure if that would be a good idea as these are primarily code/asset edit's from kenp's own work and I'm not sure how to get a hold of him for approval. Anyway, take care fellow steppers. Tongue

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