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"that's crazy"

Last updated: 2022-11-25 06:42am
Hello! I bring to you a song pack I've worked on for a while, with some assistance from Nifara and Air12567. Please keep in mind that this is my first time actually putting effort on stepping simfiles and this is the first song pack (of pad files anyways) I've ever made. Anyways, DDR CD is short for Dance Dance Revolution Club Division. The era of time with the charting style is a range between 2nd mix and SuperNOVA, and I only stepped singles charts. The music in this pack contains DanceMania music, DanceMania Groove Radar Specials, StepManiaX music, Unreleased DDR music with new Beginner and Challenge charts, and a few more miscellaneous gems. I hope you like it!

NOTE 1: Most songs don't have a banner or a bg. Instead of giving them a bg, they have an alternate DDR CD logo as the bg; ALL songs have their own respective jackets, though. However, there won't be any banners at all. I do this because I imagine this to be that type of game where it only uses jackets on the music select screen, with the gameplay being the typical SuperNOVA-onwards background that features a character dancing on a stage.

NOTE 2: A couple songs on here has some swearing. Nothing too bad.

Simfile Credits: hamsand210, Nifara, Air12567 (Some files are from the mid 2000's and a few others are recent), and Konami (for about 5% of the charts)
Graphics Credits: If I didn't use the album cover as the jacket, the jackets were either made by hamsand210 or Air12567
Special Thanks: Nezemarth for the Movin' (Loopin' Mix) audio cut, SomethingRandom and CuzcoBlocko for their contribution to the DDR CD group jacket you see on the video's thumbnail, the StepManiaX team for some of their audio cuts, and Nifara for starting this project and letting me take the lead

Song List:

Fall Expansion Pack add-ons:

(Update on 9/28/22)

I have some big news! We're planning on making a Fall Expansion pack, adding some more songs on DDR CD, so our goal of having 100 simfiles on the pack can be achieved. We're currently working on those simfiles at the moment; They should be done around a month, maybe less, from now.

I also updated one of the songs (Welcome to the gates of hell) on this pack. Nifara didn't like how the audio cut sounded, and gave me a more up-to-date cut to the song. It's a bit longer than the original one we had uploaded.

All you have to do is delete the Welcome to the gates of hell file from the DDR CD folder and download the one from the link at the bottom of this post.

P.S. Once the Fall Expansion pack is done, I'll upload that separately, and also reupload the entire DDR CD Pack as well.

(Update on 10/12/22)

I figured it was wise to just edit the thread without bumping it, since this update isn't that big of a deal. I'm almost done with the Fall Expansion Pack, and I decided to get us all prepared by putting the download links at the bottom of this post.

(Update on 10/14/22)

The Fall Expansion Pack has finally been done! I really hope you guys enjoy the music at least. For those whose already downloaded the DDR CD Original Pack, all you have to do is replace Welcome to the gates of hell with the updated version and download the Fall Expansion Pack. For those who didn't download anything, you can just download DDR CD Complete so you can get everything all at once.

Download Link:
DDR CD COMPLETE, with all 100 songs, and a few various updates including the updated Welcome to the gates of hell
Download the song pack of DDR CD -Dance Dance Revolution-

How you doin' Lord Toon? Thanks for the banner.
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