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Last updated: 2022-01-02 04:59pm
2022 updated project title-- Re:VAMPAGE (as in Revamp Rampage like the good 'ol alliteration gimmick for my old mix tiles but merged) since I'll be focusing on updating older files for the year while I mainly drop new stuff in contests.

So I've decided to rename the t7r mix 1 -Remaster- thread to cover all other mixes below as well. The thread will be updated every 10 simfiles* or every month (if less than 10 and if there are updates at all):


*10 significant ones meaning 10 songs that get Challenge, well at least after this first update.






2020-03-06 to 2020-03-26:

Everything since the last t7r mix 1 update to 2020-02-27:

2019-03-12 to Summer 2019 - SET 5
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/four pieces of heaven.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Nageki no ki.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Namida no regret.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/quell ~the seventh slave~.png

2019-02-19 to 2019-02-22 - SET 4
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/CaptivAte ~CHIKAI~.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Kyokutou shiki.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/MENDES.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Now and Forever.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Rin to shite saku hana no gotoku.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Ristaccia.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/SWIMMERS.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Treasure x Star.png

2019-02-05 to 2019-02-15 - SET 3
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/CaptivAte ~SABAKI~.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Cashless wa aijoukesu tissue.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Dazzlin' Darlin.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/GOLDEN CROSS.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/oratio.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Ryuuhyou no sarite.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/ShinchoushinTION (GFDM Ver.).pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/SHINJITSU ~GFDM Ver.~.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/STEEL NEEDLE.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/TROOPERS.png

2019-01-31 to 2019-02-02- SET 2
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/AGEHA.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Anisakis -somatic mutation type''Forza''-.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/ATOMS.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/ErAseRmoToR maXimUM.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Futari wa love love (kari).pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/GENOCIDE.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/REVOLUTION.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/The Sound of Truth.png

2019-01-18 to 2019-01-27 - SET 1
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/3y3s.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/3y3s (SPECIAL).png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/A.DOGMA.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/A Blast Beat.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Don't be afraid myself.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/GOLD RUSH.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/HIMIKO.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/KOUKOUDOKOUKA TEIKOUDOKAISAN.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/MODEL FT2.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/NEMESIS.png

2019-01-18 - REVIVED IN XQ01/XQ02

http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/1st Samurai.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Bloody Tears(IIDX EDITION).png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/CaptivAte2 ~KAKUSEI~.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/CaptivAte2 ~KAKUSEI~ (SPECIAL).png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/CONTRACT.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/DUE TOMORROW.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Fluorescent Adolescent.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/FOR THE FINAL.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/HARI TSUYA RENDEZ-VOUS.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Leaving All Behind.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/quell ~the seventh slave~ (ANOTHER).pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/SAMURAI!!.png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Time is Running Out.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/TRIP MACHINE PhoeniX (IIDX EDITION).png
http://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/Tsuminagara... to kanojo wa ifu.pnghttp://t7rsims.byethost31.com/graphics/post2/WAR GAME.png


Q: What is this for?
A: This is to modernize all simfiles I've created since then. By "modernizing" I mean the following:
- .ogg audio with 0 offset except for songs that start at incredibly slow BPMs (e.g. DOMINION's 49 BPM)
- 512x160 banners
- 1280x720 backgrounds
- widescreen videos (640x360 most likely; it's StepMania, not a real arcade)
- Challenge charts will be in every song (I mean this isn't common in DDR but I'd like to cater my files to casuals and hardcore players somehow...)
- If I notice double-stepping in the Heavy or Challenge charts, big chance it gets redone.
- BEMANI songs that got song cuts (like DDR mixes pre-X2) will be using the original versions. Think RB groovin'!!-style revisions.
- All songs with dedicated videos in-game/have actual music videos get videos (as much as possible)

Q: Why not include them as revivals in the current mix?
A: This is so it would be a lot easier to compile current packs. Also revivals were only a thing when console mixes are a thing. So this would be more hmm... arcade-like now with regards to primary focus on the current mix and gradual updates to pre-existing songs.
Side note: the updated t7r mix XQ02 pack will no longer have the revivals and I'm still working on that.

Q: How often will the updates be?
A: I intend to release revivals on weekdays while anything from XQ03 will be on weekends. However, updates will depend on other external matters, etc. All depends on feel like working on old stuff in general.

Q: Why not create separate threads for each mix?
A: To allow myself flexibility to revive select songs and not limit myself to one mix. Case in point: why t7r mix: MAGICAL MELTDOWN -Remaster- hasn't gotten updates since then, apart on focus on other interests. And now it's the general revivals thread.

Q: Is t7r mix MAGICAL MELTDOWN -Remaster- still in progress?
A: Yes and it will still receive updates. And it's technically this thread. And that all depends on whether I feel like reviving the songs there.

Q: Will there be packs for revivals across different mixes?
A: Unfortunately not at this time. I'll think of something. Initial plan right now is to create a pack within ZIv once each mix is complete.

Q: Your list looks so inconsistent. What the hell?
A: Anyone familiar with my old threads will notice which template I've been using for XQ02 and XQ03. In the context of this thread, anything using the XQ03 template very likely indicates that it now has a widescreen background and that's what I'll be using moving forward.

Q: Why are (SPECIAL)'s now using LEGGENDARIA daggers?
A: I uhh wanted to follow DDR's convention at one point (MM-Special like X-Special) but I might as well retain the convention for their original games. except 1116 in XQ03 of course jubeat doesn't have a 4th difficulty and I don't really want to use [ 2 ]

Q: Are you open to collaborations for older songs?
A: actually YES if you thought of stepping a song yourself that I already stepped but don't really feel like making a full set of Single charts for it so you want to use that empty Challenge spot (again for those with empty Challenge charts only); PM me if interested.

Q: Why isn't XQ02 in this?
A: All of the songs actually got widescreen backgrounds and movies (where applicable, except IIDX and pre-2006 regular songs) early this year. Please check the thread/category for the latest pack. In case I feel like adding Doubles to certain songs (unlikely) or update any syncing I'll bump that thread instead.

External links:
t7r mix XQ02
t7r mix XQ03

I've updated the thread to cover all other mixes as well. This is just to add more flexibility moving forward and I don't want to add older songs to current mixes anymore since they're quite cumbersome to compile in my end. More on that in the information section listed above.

Latest updates:


Rundown of those that aren't widescreen background updates:
- I'll probably NOT use the GOLDEN CROSS DRS jacket.
- 卑弥呼 now uses the SDVX jacket.
- Old under control Standard removed; old Heavy now Standard, brand new HeavyChallenge added, gave it BPM changes
- Finally made a real set of charts for GOLD RUSH (pop'n GOLD MOUNTAIN rush) (initially an April Fool joke bandwagon along with when this site was GOLD RUSH for April Fool's)
- New Challenge for the US songs and they now come with their respective videos
- Under The Nest -Remaster- is a thing on Challenge if you use SM5.
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