[W.I.P] DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME 2 (AC)

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Post #21 · Posted at 2018-10-11 12:05:54am 8.2 months ago

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Apple, I wouldn't be discouraged, I'd just say, maybe try to do something off the base theme, rather than using Beware's setup, that Stepmania is modified in the backend and could cause some issues with some things you might want to do with it down the line.

I think that the Extreme 2 (AC) idea is really neat, but if I was you, I'd have a go at editing/creating from the default theme or, if you are using someone elses theme, it's a good idea to check with the theme's creator first to make sure it's ok for you to edit it and publish it afterwards.

If you were just creating the theme for yourself, it wouldn't be an issue but people are most likely more bothered by it because you're planning on releasing it.

Also, if you can do it as just a theme with a song pack for people to download to go with it, it would be much better as it'll be easier for people to use and download. Beware's Extreme was packaged like that because he had to change things within the Stepmania program, not just the theme etc to get it to work the way he wanted it to I believe.

I wouldn't give up and this forum is a great knowledge base to get help with all things Stepmania related - there are a LOT of people on here who can help you improve and polish your theme or point you in the right direction. Just take into account what I've said and that might help you deal with the reaction you're getting on here.

Good luck and I hope to see a version of your idea at some point become a reality, a true fan made Extreme 2 (AC) theme sounds great!
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Post #22 · Posted at 2018-10-11 12:31:54am 8.2 months ago

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Last updated: 2018-10-11 12:31am
Alright. I'm going to start reworking it! Thanks for the massive confidence boost!

Also, should I rename this theme to something else, and what should I call it?
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