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Top User Simfiles
I know You knowDigiMindAxel's original simfiles alpha style20,947
Gangnam StyleGpop's Original Simfiles11,516
Bad Apple!!Touhou Fujinya ~ Touhou Pad Pack Rebirth10,931
Through the Fire and Flamest7r mix 2 ELEGANT ELEMENT8,070
U.N Owen Was Her?Touhou Gouyoukyou ~ Touhou Pad Pack7,452
ENDYMIONDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)7,169
ACE FOR ACESDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)6,602
Valkyrie dimensionTRANS STEPS6,447
[[Game Package]]Trotmania (Rhythm is Magic)5,112
Party Rock AnthemDanceDanceRevolution Synchronicity5,069
Born This WayLady Gaga The Singles4,580
crossing fieldNXC-P Music Collection 2nd Generation beat 04,533
Come to LifeDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)4,203
AstrogazerDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)4,030
DadadadadadadadadadaDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)3,686
Bad Apple!! (REDALiCE Remix)Touhou Fujinya ~ Touhou Pad Pack Rebirth3,659
NeutrinoDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)3,618
New CenturyDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)3,557
Cosy CatastropheDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)3,551
[Courses]Trotmania (Rhythm is Magic)3,520
Art of the DressTrotmania (Rhythm is Magic)3,479
Gangnam StyleTelperion's Simfiles3,470
Smile Smile Smile!Trotmania (Rhythm is Magic)3,442
EmeraDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)3,266
82.99 AMPandemiXium 43,237
Harder Better Faster StrongerTrotmania (Rhythm is Magic)3,144
Night of KnightsDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)3,061
RISING FIRE HAWKDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)3,046
Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know)Trotmania (Rhythm is Magic)2,988
Winter Wrap UpTrotmania (Rhythm is Magic)2,947
Uptown Funk!Ben Speirs' SPEIRMIX GALAXY2,662
MAX 360DanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)2,528
Pluto the FirstTRANS STEPS2,522
BangarangBen Speirs' SPEIRMIX 22,443
Opportunity (The Flim Flam Brothers Song)Trotmania (Rhythm is Magic)2,431
Triple CounterDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)2,428
Evanst7r mix 2 ELEGANT ELEMENT2,409
Start a New DayDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)2,357
Shake It OffBen Speirs' SPEIRMIX GALAXY2,321
24K MagicBen Speirs' SPEIRMIX GALAXY2,308
Bad BloodBen Speirs' SPEIRMIX GALAXY2,306
IshtarDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)2,306
out of focusDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)2,302
smoooochDMAxel Original Simfiles2,194
Lean OnBen Speirs' SPEIRMIX GALAXY2,193
LevelsBen Speirs' SPEIRMIX2,186
Electric Dance System MusicDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)2,182
Reach The Sky, Without youDanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)2,176
Koisuru uchuu sensou!!DanceDanceRevolution A (AC) (BETA)2,047
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