August, 2013

2013-08-01 · Triple Journey
Event has started today!

July, 2013

"石川智晶 singles pack" and "AGEHA pack" released.
38th WEEKLY RANKING track is: Spinning Around / Dirty Androids
Track listings published.
"GO!GO!7188 pack" released.
2013-07-29 · GITADORA (AC) (Japan)
New song added: 白虎転生録 / 98
Event starts today!
2013-07-26 · Triple Journey
Teaser site available.
2013-07-25 · Triple Journey
Collaboration event between DanceDanceRevolution, GITADORA and jubeat saucer will begin on August 1st.
Collaboration event between beatmaniaIIDX, pop'n music and REFLEC BEAT will begin on July 29th.
New song has been added as part of 「踊ってみた祭り」 event:

Sweetiex2 / Dixie Flatline
Site updated. "MUSIC" section updated.
Album now available from the iTunes Store.

The album has been confirmed to be available on the US and UK iTunes Store.
"ハナエ pack" released.
Matching event 「ゴリラ逃走中!」 will take place on the 25th and 26th between 15:00 and 18:00.
2013-07-24 · GITADORA (AC) (Japan)
New song added: ViViD / May'n
New song added: ViViD / May'n
37th WEEKLY RANKING track is: GRADIUS 2012 / Sota Fujimori
2013-07-22 · GITADORA (AC) (Japan)
New song has been added: Run Run / Ryu☆
"ミライダガッキのおさらい夏合宿" event has started and will last until July 30th.

During the event, a song from 私立BEMANI学園 will be available for play each day.
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