February, 2008

Preliminary contest locations announced.
Competition locations have been published.
2008-02-15 · AOU 2008
AOU 2008 KONAMI Event Report has been published on the KONAMI blog.
2008-02-15 · AOU 2008
AOU 2008 KONAMI Event Document published.
Another medal game called METEOR SPARK was added to the list of games to be exhibited.
Three new games to be exhibited - jubeat and Nobiteke! Byon Byon Daisakusen and another medal game called WONDERMARCH which was exhibited at the ATEI 2007.
Rankings published online.
BEMANI TOP RANKING 2008 has started today.

January, 2008

Site launched! Participating games include HORSERIDERS, ACTION DEKA, QUIZ ACADEMY 5, pop'n music 16 PARTY♪, GuitarFreaksV5 Rock to Infinity, DrumManiaV5 Rock to Infinity and various medal games and prizes.
Site launched!
BEMANI TOP RANKER 2008 site has been updated with the schedule. The site will officially open on Monday.
2008-01-23 · ATEI 2008
Click here to view information.
Click here to view the picture gallery.

../forums/ATEI2008_EAMUSE_SMALL.jpg ../forums/ATEI2008_SILENTHILL_SMALL.jpg ../forums/ATEI2008_GFDMV4_SMALL.jpg
BEMANI Top Ranker 08 site has been updated comfirming the participating games as follows: beatmaniaIIDX15 DJ TROOPERS, DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2, DrumManiaV4 Rock x Rock, GuitarFreaksV4 Rock x Rock, pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE.
An upcoming 2CD album from Sana will feature over 30 songs and is due to be released on March 7th.
Thanks to mieya.cool.ne.jp for noticing. The next Broadjam DDR Song Contest details have been published and the winners will be used in "the 2008 version of Dance Dance Revolution".
]Indication of either SuperNOVA3 (PS2) (U/C) or Universe 3 (Xbox 360) (U/C) in the works?

December, 2007

BEMANI TOP RANKER competition is to take place in Japan held by KONAMI in 2008. DanceDanceRevolution will be involved this time round along with GuitarFreaks, DrumMania, pop'n music and beatmaniaIIDX.
infinite / PARALLEL FLOATERS from GuitarFreaks 8thMIX & DrumMania 7thMIX has been added to CD4.
Two songs will be released on the 12th for people to download on their mobiles from beatmaniaIIDX15 DJ TROOPERS.
This 5CD collection consists of 150+ songs from various BEMANI games and is to be released in Japan on December 14th.
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