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2013-04-03 08:10 4 years ago
by delrio

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No outside food or drink permitted. Pizza restaurant and vending machines available.
Other services include miniture golf, go-karts, laser tag, bumper cars.

This family fun center uses a point card system and is used for both arcade and all other attractions. You may use a Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover Credit/Debit card to pay for points

$1.00 for 100 points
$5.00 for 500 points
$10.00 for1000 points
$20.00 for 2100 points (100 bonus)
$25.00 for 2750 points (250 bonus)
$50.00 for 5750 points (750 bonus)
$100.00 for 12000 points (2000 bonus)

Contact Number

(970) 472-8000


1513 E. Mulberry Road
Fort Collins

Opening Times

Monday10:00 - 10:00
Tuesday10:00 - 10:00
Wednesday10:00 - 10:00
Thursday10:00 - 10:00
Friday10:00 - 12:00
Saturday10:00 - 12:00
Sunday10:00 - 10:00


Music GamePriceCondition
beatmania THE FINAL (Japan)
Location: Upstairs, next to Laser Tag desk.
$0.50 for 3 songsGreat
Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME (Japan)
Location: Next to the mini-bowling, immediately behind Pump It Up.
$0.50 for 3 songsGreat
Location: Upstairs, next to party rooms.
Comment: Machine is online again.
$0.75 for 3 songsModerate
Pump It Up Fiesta 2 (International)
Location: Main level next to mini-bowling.
Comment: Fiesta 2 is in! Sound is still a little bit low, though.
$1.00 for 3 songsGreat


delrio (Regular)
Spork! (Regular)


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delrio4 years agodelrio
Fiesta 2 is in! Anyone interested in a weekend meetup every week or two?
delrio4 years agodelrio
I hear Fiesta 2 is on its way...
delrio5 years agodelrio
Fort Fun now has a DDR Extreme. Not sure of it's condition just yet, or when it will be ready to play, but I will update that when I have the information.
delrio5 years agodelrio
Pump It Up has been moved a little bit away from the bumper cars, and is now located next to the mini-bowling.
delrio6 years agodelrio
I've updated the game locations/prices to reflect what is currently going on at Fort Fun. Fiesta will get moved away from the bumper cars, but is likely not going upstairs. Beatmania and Guitar Freaks are supposed to go upstairs, but no word from Ryan on when that will be happening.
ddrencoremyst6 years agoddrencoremyst
As everyone can see, Fort Fun has a new pair of music games that will be fully set up and operational hopefully by the end of today, beatmania THE FINAL and GuitarFreaks 11th Mix. Prices on screen are not finalized and might be cheaper than shown. Both games will be located in the upstairs portion of the arcade. Pump It Up Fiesta will also soon be moved to that location as well! (Yay no more noisy bumper karts!)
ddrencoremyst7 years agoddrencoremyst
The Guitar Hero arcade game has been kicked out because of the dumb machine owner trying rip off Fort Fun for way too much of the income!
delrio7 years agodelrio
The pads are currently giving some crap on Fiesta due to some clown spilling an icee all over them. Ryan tried cleaning them but it seems that the icee has done more damage than he thought, and so new sensors are going to be put in soon.
delrio7 years agodelrio
Fiesta is updated to 1.06. I've been working on Quest World, but I think I'm going to need some help with it! There's some pretty complex stuff.
ddrencoremyst7 years agoddrencoremyst
Next community get together for this location will be on Sunday July 18th. Lara (a.k.a. HurtPiggyPig) from North Carolina is in the area. So she wants to get as many local players together for a afternoon of Pump. I will be attending. There is no fixed time, just in the afternoon (1 to 4 pm estimate).
ddrencoremyst7 years agoddrencoremyst
Pump It Up recently upgraded to FIESTA and is functional. USB reader not useable due to v1.05 not being upgraded.


delrio4 years agodelrio
Pump It Up Fiesta (International) updated.
• Pump It Up Fiesta (International) is now a Pump It Up Fiesta 2 (International)
• Comment changed to "Fiesta 2 is in! Sound is still a little bit low, though."
delrio4 years agodelrio
beatmania THE FINAL (Japan) updated.
• Pricing changed to $0.50 for 3 songs
• Location changed to "Upstairs, next to Laser Tag desk."
delrio4 years agodelrio
GUITARFREAKS 11thMIX (Japan) updated.
• Condition changed to Moderate
• Location changed to "Upstairs, next to party rooms."
• Comment changed to "Machine is online again."
ddrencoremyst5 years agoddrencoremyst
Location information was updated.
delrio5 years agodelrio
Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME (Japan) added.
delrio5 years agodelrio
Pump It Up Zero (International) updated.
• Pump It Up Zero (International) is now a Pump It Up Fiesta (International)
• Location changed to "Main level next to mini-bowling."
ddrencoremyst5 years agoddrencoremyst
Location information was updated.
delrio5 years agodelrio
Pump It Up Fiesta (International) updated.
• Pump It Up Fiesta (International) is now a Pump It Up Zero (International)
• Location changed from "(blank)" to "Main level by the bumper cars."
• Comment changed from "(blank)" to "They are rotating Exceed 2, Zero, and Fiesta until a new mix comes out."
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