Giga Center


Hohenzollern Ring 7-11
North Rhine-Westphalia, 50672

Opening Times

Monday00:00 - 24:00
Tuesday00:00 - 24:00
Wednesday00:00 - 24:00
Thursday00:00 - 24:00
Friday00:00 - 24:00
Saturday00:00 - 24:00
Sunday00:00 - 24:00


Tekken 4 (International)€1.00Great
Pac-Mania (International)
Location: On the lowest level, right in front of the stairs
Donkey Kong (International)
Location: Right by the entrance to the gambling area
Comment: In bad condition, top of the movement stick is broken, buttons are multiple centuries old.
Daytona USA (2P) (International)
Location: Right in front of the entrance
€1.00 / €1.00 to continueGreat
Ferrari F355 Challenge (2P) (Japan)€1.00 / €1.00 to continuePerfect
OutRun 2 (International)€1.00Great
OutRun 2 SP (International)€1.00Great
Rail ShooterPriceCondition
Ghost Squad (International)€1.00Great
Virtua Striker 4 ver. 2006 (International)€1.00 / €1.00 to continueUnknown
Pool Table (International)
Location: 2nd floor
Comment: Great condition, and in a silent, open area with lots of room for movement


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Schmichel13 years agoSchmichel
PIUpro: Joint Premium is activated (Two player mode for one credit), Version r1.
ITG: Upgraded machine, was a EuroMIX2 before, USB Ports don't work anymore and the machine crashes sometimes. The amp of the audio system is damaged, causing a very low volume, Version r21.


Aposke8 years agoAposke
In the Groove 2 (North America) deleted.
al2k48 years agoal2k4
In the Groove 2 (North America) updated.
• Comment changed to "Off as of 2015-08-08.".
• Condition changed from Good to Broken.
Aposke9 years agoAposke
Virtua Striker 4 ver. 2006 (International) added.
Aposke9 years agoAposke
Ferrari F355 Challenge (2P) (Japan) added.
Aposke9 years agoAposke
Daytona USA (2P) (International) added.
Aposke9 years agoAposke
Pool Table (International) added.
Aposke9 years agoAposke
Donkey Kong (International) added.
Aposke9 years agoAposke
Tekken 4 (International) added.
Aposke9 years agoAposke
Ghost Squad (International) added.
Aposke9 years agoAposke
OutRun 2 SP (International) added.
Aposke9 years agoAposke
OutRun 2 (International) added.
Aposke9 years agoAposke
Pac-Mania (International) added.
Schmichel11 years agoSchmichel
In the Groove 2 (North America) updated.
• Condition changed to Moderate
Schmichel11 years agoSchmichel
Pump It Up PRO (International) deleted.
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