What else you play at the arcade(besides anything bemani related)?

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Spider Stomp Big Grin And I'm serious. I love that thing.

Other than that, there was a cool machine at gameworks where you had to pop hot air balloons of other people and when you went up, the chair you were sitting in went up. It was actually pretty cool, but it isn't there anymore for whatever reason. I'm sure Kon knows what I'm talking about.

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That was interesting....

But I'd prefer Galaga more.

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I can't play Guitar Hero, so I don't play that.
I've recently gotten into Pump It Up, and play any other rhythm game that may be there. Most are shit, like percussion master.
I also play Outrun 2, Ridge Racer (if it's there) and house of the dead 4.
sometimes my brother convinces me to play Time Crisis with him.
I also like to play Point Blank. Because it's hilarious. I was once a master at that game on the PS1, but for some reason and shite at it in the arcade! Perhaps it's because the gun's off... or the console version is easier. Probably both.
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