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Couldn't really say for sure, right now... it was Melee, until I got into Brawl; I tried Melee a week ago for the first time in about a year, and didn't do well at all. Sad

It doesn't help that the guys at my college play Melee all day every day (not an exaggeration there... like, the Wii is occupied literally all day, every day), and they dislike Brawl because they're too used to Melee, they can't do their little wavedashing glitch, they don't like the smash ball (get a grip, you can turn that off), and "broken characters". It only makes sense that they should be mad at a game they're no good at. Laughing Out Loud I destroyed them with Wario, they complained that he's broken. (says the guy who was using Ike and Pit) On Tuesdays and Thursdays I get there before all the Melee people, and get to play a little Brawl with some other people. Of course, they scoff and complain about Brawl when they actually get there. Annoyed
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