Simfile Not Uploading

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Post #1 · Posted at 2012-07-19 04:32:55am 5.5 years ago

Offline Gabe
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Today, I have been uploading a simfile to my category. But when I choose to upload files, it always happens that my files do not get accepted so soon. This must mean that my simfile will always be un-downloadable and not be available to the public. I really want my download to be available to others! Could somebody please help me with what's going on?

Post #2 · Posted at 2012-07-19 04:43:34am 5.5 years ago

Offline Mr.Music
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Try being patient. It happens to all of us every once in a while. You just have to wait for it to upload.

Post #3 · Posted at 2012-07-19 04:43:39am 5.5 years ago

Offline Arrows&Beats
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Last updated: 2012-07-19 04:44am
I think that may have to do with the new requirement set up recently where you must have a user rating over 50 to request a simfile category.

Or it could be just a glitch. I don't really know.
for those that don't think that:
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Post #4 · Posted at 2012-07-19 05:11:08am 5.5 years ago

Online al2k4
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The 50pts requirement is moderated by admins, not the site, I haven't changed any code at all.

If it fails, just try again.
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