Should DDR have harder or accessible charts?

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Post #1 · Posted at 2012-07-05 09:17:56am 5.3 years ago

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Seeing that whether DDR should have harder charts, difficult charts in higher numbers, or should implement certain charts more effectively into their releases seems like a pretty hot topic around here, I figured I'd create this thread to keep the other forums more focused on their original topics.

My stance is that DDR should continue to do what it is doing in having each new mix have a slew of new 15+ charts, as well as more older charts having added 12+ charts to appeal to players who may enjoy a song but find the Heavy chart too easy to be enjoyable. I like how Flower, Amalgamation, and I'm so Happy have harder Challenge, but I wish Bemani did this with more songs. Unfortunately I think the Challenge is handled very poorly in general, being treated as an extra slot for bonus charts rather than an actual difficulty on its own ala Beginner, Light, Standard, Heavy.

Post #2 · Posted at 2012-07-05 09:26:22am 5.3 years ago

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I prefer accessible charts to harder ones. It's already 15 releases of DDR and it still have a serious problem: difficulty gap. Most people cannot clear anything above 15 easily; they build their skills step by step. DDR should help them by providing charts that will fill in the gaps between each difficulty. After all, they don't want to see songs that haven't been played for years right? Remember, even IIDX grows along with the growth of its players, not grows faster.
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Post #3 · Posted at 2012-07-05 10:06:02am 5.3 years ago

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It's ok that they DDR presents harder charts, but what it needs are more songs that have a balanced difficulty in Heavy charts. I still can't get an A in some songs with 14 or 15+ charts, and personally there are very few songs with that rating that can me help to improve and eliminate the difficulty gap. I prefer fun and accessible charts and still having some challenge, not just charts packed of arrows and strange steps.

As for Challenge charts, I don't like when songs have this difficulty and are easier than the Heavy ones, but still, if they are difficult, they must be fun and not something extremely difficult people start hating and complain about.

Post #4 · Posted at 2012-07-05 10:48:39am 5.3 years ago

Offline PaperSak
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I think (at least console-wise), they need to make harder licenses. They pay all an extra penny to have them put in to bring in new people, why not make some of them have an extra crazy chart for pros?

I would love more 14-17 charts for the sake of improving, but it boils down to whether or not the difficulty fits the music. They shouldn't underestimate what long time DDR players can do... nor should they make things stupidly, impossibly hard on purpose, of course. :P I kinda wonder if/how the charts are tested before release...
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Post #5 · Posted at 2012-07-05 01:24:13pm 5.3 years ago

Offline DMAxel
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I think DDR needs more accessible charts, yes. However...

Quote: PaperSak
I think (at least console-wise), they need to make harder licenses. They pay all an extra penny to have them put in to bring in new people, why not make some of them have an extra crazy chart for pros?
...I agree with this as well. While I don't really take much attention to DDR licenses these days, I'd play them more than once if they had more interesting charts (obviously, the chart has to fit the song).
What stops Konami from doing harder licenses, like on the old days with RHYTHM AND POLICE, FURUHATA'S THEME, CARTOON HEROES, etc.? I really like the MUSIC FIT licenses because of this as well.

Post #6 · Posted at 2012-07-25 11:16:11am 5.3 years ago

Offline G4m3pr0
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Last updated: 2012-07-25 11:32am
I think DDR should have both. I mean, my ideal DDR game has a new low-end difficulty level called "Novice" which is highlighted in orange for players who are completely new to DDR or dance games in general. I also think that the game needs to be more creative with the charts that are balanced between hard and accessible, like Midnight Blaze (SySF mix), Akibarrific, Conga, and Rave Until the Night is Over from DDR Universe 3. I would like to see a 20, but I think it's a good idea to build on the 18s and 19s before we get to that. In X3, we saw some building from TohokuEVOLVED (a 17) and PARANOiA REVOLUTiON (an 18). In X2, we saw Replicant-D-Action and the first 19. I'm not going to talk about what I was thinking about for a 20 because I think it has some stupidity.

Oh yeah, and this DDR game would also have a separate difficulty slot for shock arrow charts called "Shock" highlited in teal and perhaps a "Special" difficulty for charts like Sakura Challenge , KAKUMEI Challenge , or MAX. (Period) Challenge (where Challenge is easier than Heavy ) highlited in brown.

Post #7 · Posted at 2012-07-25 12:57:40pm 5.3 years ago

Offline XmatthewX
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Honestly, it doesn't matter to me, I only care if it is on beat or if someone just slam on the keyboard and call it a Lvl 18 chart. POSSESSIONHeavy may be very hard but its to the beat, so good for them. Paranoia REVOLUTIONHeavy (To me) has a way off chart (all they did if i remember right was that they just copy paste charts from other boss songs, and the song dose not go with the charts), so boo on them.
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Post #8 · Posted at 2012-07-25 01:48:23pm 5.3 years ago

Offline MarsPhoenix
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Totally agree with the licenses thing, and it's not like they can't find songs that can't make good harder charts. Spice Up Your Life is one of the highlights in DDR II for me.

Post #9 · Posted at 2012-12-30 09:01:47am 4.9 years ago

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I really don't care abut the charts that is hard or accessible. I only want to challenge myself in DDR. I mainly play on the laptop, but I find some songs that are difficult to play with. I like a challenge that is hard to keep up.

Post #10 · Posted at 2012-12-30 10:25:17am 4.9 years ago

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Though the songs are really good, I bet that their charts would be really difficult. I can't complain if it's that hard (like 15 or 16) but consider it a challenge.
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