Getting an extra stage and one more extra stage on Lincle

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Post #1 · Posted at 2012-06-18 11:54:27pm 5.8 years ago

Offline Keine
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I've been searching all over google and the forums, but still can't find any clear
prequisites to getting an extra stage, and one more extra stage.. I've gotten it quite
a few times when I used to play normal at the Lincle cabinets, but ever since I started
playing more hypers, I don't get them as often anymore..

Do I need to score a full combo or an AA (maybe both?) on the last song on hyper or something,
for the extra stage? I have absolutely no clue for one more extra stage, since I've never gotten it before :\
Sometimes I get extra stages, sometimes I don't, I have no idea : (

Can anyone help me out?

Post #2 · Posted at 2012-06-19 12:10:28am 5.8 years ago

Offline AkihiroIIDX
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I never played on arcade but if it hasn't changed since EMPRESS, you just need to clear Level 7 or higher on Final Stage.
If you play Level 5-7 it should be something like at least Full Combo, and Perfect Combo if you play a Level 1-4
I don't exactly remember.

I don't know for the One More EXTRA though.

Here you may get some info http://vjarmy.com/wiki/index.php/IIDXicon

Post #3 · Posted at 2012-06-19 12:12:37am 5.8 years ago

Offline OmnislashF8
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To get extra stage I *believe* you need to have accumulated at least a sum difficult of 21 (i.e. 1st stage difficulty + 2nd stage difficulty + 3rd stage difficulty), and your last song has to be a 7 or higher. The system changes each game though and they tend to make it a tad easier each iteration. For instance, I saw someone play a 5, 6, and end with a 7 and get an Extra Stage...so perhaps so long as you start at a 5 and each song is harder you can unlock the extra stage. As for OMES there are two types...normal arcade OMES for Diavolo or Lincle Kingdom OMES Cuvelia.

For Diavolo you have to play SHADE as your extra stage and I believe at least AA it to then instantly go into Diavolo of the same difficulty.

For Cuvelia you can only play it when you get to the very end of Lincle Kingdom(must have e-amuse), qualify for and play Yaksha in the boss area, beat Yaksha on [N] -OR- get an A for [H] -OR- AA for the [A] to then instantly go to Cuvelia of the same difficulty. This is however assuming you have both assistants unlocked and have the items on your account to lower the unlock requirements (otherwise the requirements are much harder).

Now this is just pure observation and could have a lot more to it, but it appears to work as such.

Post #4 · Posted at 2012-06-19 12:20:57am 5.8 years ago

Offline Meseki
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To get a normal Extra Stage, it depends on the difficlty of your Final Stage:
Level 1-4: Perfect Combo? (no goods; I haven't tested this, but I also don't play in the arcade)
Level 5-6: Full Combo
Level 7: End with 100% Groove Gauge
Level 8+: Clear

For the Extra Stage song, you usually need a certain total difficulty of all AA's along with the normal criteria. The One More Extra Stage song is usually gotten by AAA+(EX) Hard Clearing the Extra Stage song on Another non-random.

For special Extra Stages like Lincle Kingdom, the VJArmy wiki link posted by AkihiroIIDX should be helpful.
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Post #5 · Posted at 2012-06-22 10:14:36pm 5.8 years ago

Offline Keine
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So I tried meseki's guidelines, and they work!!
Now, I'll get an extra song for every credit I insert in the cabinet, hahaha

Thank you to all! : )
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