E3 2012

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Post #61 · Posted at 2012-06-06 09:06:17am 5.4 years ago

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The DDR classroom edition looks like it's briefly featured at like 0:08 in that video on the TV screen. So, at the very least, the game hasn't been brushed under a rug just yet. One year without an E3 feature seems like a good thing if they can make a quality game.

And perhaps it gives the fans a year to save up for new mats if they haven't converted to new consoles yet... :P Still wondering which console they'll be aiming for...

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EDIT: So apparently Hatsune Miku isn't coming out in the US, it was just a tech demo. Kind of reminds me of that one time Konami put a IIDX DistorteD machine at that one E3 after bmUS's release.

Oh, ok, i'll just go sit in the corner and cry.

But really, why, is it a music rights thing? I have no idea how that works, what with a ton of the content being from/based off of the fanbase and Nico composers. I can't imagine why Vocaloid games, or at least one, wouldn't sell well enough to make it worth trying.
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Post #62 · Posted at 2012-06-06 09:09:06am 5.4 years ago

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The record labels might be charging them a fortune just to use the music.

Post #63 · Posted at 2012-06-06 12:49:38pm 5.4 years ago

Offline Fairy Red
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Last updated: 2012-06-06 01:00pm
I hope there's a new DDR coming out. D: Otherwise I'll have to resume my hibernation.

EDIT: Durhur read the entire thread before posting. So it's looking bad this year. No DDR this year? I hope that ain't true.

Post #64 · Posted at 2012-06-06 01:34:39pm 5.4 years ago

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Quote: Fairy Red
EDIT: Durhur read the entire thread before posting. So it's looking bad this year. No DDR this year? I hope that ain't true.
But it is, unfortunately...

Although, it's funny that NOBODY is mentioning that DDR CE IS coming out this year, so there is technically A DDR game coming out in 2012, just not for home consoles...

But it's pretty much Stepmania by Konami for schools :v
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