Need to know several things (Yatterhog's question thread)

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Post #1 · Posted at 2012-05-15 08:27:17am 5.5 years ago

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Hello there. My name is James Lee McKigney but you already know me 2 days ago. I've got several questions about the various things that goes in Dance Dance Revolution and Stepmania. So please listen, I need to know several things.

First of all, I need to know how to rip models out of the Dance Dance Revolution games themselves. I want to know the knowlege so I can give people (including myself) some alter-egos that they can play with in Stepmania. I'll look up a guide on how to make the bones work with the models.

But I need the tools to rip the models and textures out of each game. Playstation 1 and 2, Game Cube, and Wii are the systems I'm tackling. And believe me, being able to play as Mario, Sonic, Tails and Luigi in Stepmania will be worth it. (Yes, I'll rip Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games If I can burn my copy and rip the models because in Norway "Machine Dance" is an official sport, even if the officials in the olympics say otherwise.)

Secondly, I need to know how to do some of the advanced moves that a Dancepad pro would use to topple the nutcases and scores in the musical battles we know and love. I'm getting a Dance Mat from amazon and I need to know all of the moves neccessarry to burn the fat off.

And Finally, do you know any dietary guidelines to help me with my Stepmania weight loss plan? I'm a very large guy who never really played outside in all of his childhood life. It was always School then Nintendo then Homework then School then... You get the idea. The weight added up over time and my gut is so big that if i'm carrying a giant bag over my shoulders people will ask me "Are you Santa Claus?"

It was that bad and I needed some help. It was that time that I've decided to get a Pad for Stepmania. So do you have any fourms about health and fitness where I can track my progress in a journal? I want my life to change and Dance Games are going to help me.

So, that's all the questions I had to ask for now, If I want to ask more questions then I'll post it on this thread.
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