Simplistic BGA Design thread

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Post #1 · Posted at 2012-05-04 07:19:23am 5.9 years ago

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Last updated: 2012-05-04 07:24am
Had a strange dream the other night about coding some BGAs for popular DDRsongs that didn't have self-contained videos, using a very straightforward set of stock BGA graphics (mostly wallpapers)... some of which may even already exist. Went through my songlist to see if any of them popped into mind, and here's what of them I can recall (it may be all of them):

-5/FIVE/(open hand from Stop Violence!)
-GO! (big splash screen)
-a train facing left with GO! written on each car (GO! GO! GO! GO!...)
-the PARANOiA numbers
-ELECTRIC! (along with little occurances of Ejection and Rejection around)
-BOOM! (with dynamite, bombs)
-the NAOKI rave Tigerzord
-a screen w/ variously positioned lips, littered with some incoherent syllables (like the butterfly/BB$ chant, ole!, dee dee arr, couple more like that)
-a gear (scripted to turn/mirror, but the image was standstill)
-angels and ghosts
-the feminist.org icon saying "SEXY!"
-some weird combo/variation of the BGs from TRIP MACHINE, WILD RUSH, and DAM DARIRAM
-"HEAD START" (as a green flag with a decapitated head on it)
-D! (blinking pad #1)
-d! (blinking pad #2)
-R! (blinking pad #3)
-the smiling sun from 5th Mix's BGA's
-butterflies (obviously!)
-shooting stars (they look like Starmans from Yoshi's Island, but they're holding handguns to the sides)
-winding clocks
-a big full moon
-a globe
-skulls and skeletons
-a really choppy pixelated windmill
-"hearts" (a checkerboard combo between the loveable shapes and the vital organs x2, one with each type inflated/deflated)
-rainbow LPs
-a wave of fire, being boarded on
-an identical/discolored wave of water, being surfed on
-a sailboat facing to the side, beach at sunset
-abstract electric guitar
-DANCE! DANCE! (grafitti'd on a brick wall)
-REVOLUTION flag (carried once by a Yankee Emi on a horse, then once by biker Rage on a motorcycle)
-sakura blossoms
-a big "PUNCH" fist
-a lowrider on a highway
-a cat silouhette
-that screen in Castlevania's intro with Simon staring it down
-Voodoo Masks (ala Big Up! perhaps?)
-peppermint candies (some white and red, some yellow and green)
-samurai silouhette
-underground / EVOLVED (otherwise nondescript)
-IS THIS A DREAM? (laying in bed)
-RUNNING! splash with silouhette frames running to the left, with a big arrow left
-JUMPING! splash with a midair-pose silouhette (for scrolling up) with a big arrow up
-SKIPPING! splash with silouhette frames skipping to the right with a big arrow right
-SPINNING! splash with a dizzy/off-balance silouhette about to fall (for scrolling down) with a big arrow down
-VOLTAGE! splash with the same dizzy/off-balance silouhette, being shocked, and a two shock arrows crossing below it
-FREEZE! splash with icy surface, and a cop silouhette pointing their gun at the player
-a vertically scrolling rainbow blur with contrasting print across colors like "yellow mello hello sunshine" "blue rain" "grey sadness" "red zone" "purple pain" "orange fire" "green tourmaline" "rose " (written black across pink)

...but then again, it was a wacky dream about making and playtesting a PS3 port of Linux SM, via flash drive, using a GUI/theme that began by choosing a game mode (between 16 of them!) by associating it with different versions of DDR, and then modifying the gameplay screens to reflect that version. (Tracklist and features was geared to fit on a 2GB drive.)

EVENT MODE = Solo 2000
ARCADE MODE (without EXTRA/ENCORE stage) = DDR X2 (also featured a handy "dice roll" one-touch roulette, moves you 2-12 spaces forwards and gives one selectable space either way from result)
DANCE MAGIC = "Magic Rave" reimagining of Disney's Rave (3 of 5 songs to win, EXTRA/ENCORE appeared on stage 4/5 if undefeated, both players on Mirror instead of Left/Right or Shuffle)
ENDLESS = DDR 2010's Club Mode (but with more acceptable modifier levels, and 8-life battery bar; miss 4 arrows in a song and you get DIFFICULTY-, increased combos for DIFFICULTY+ settings, standard MAX2 recovery. Defaults to Light instead of Beginner, and once you reached Challenge, it would still play Heavy charts for songs lacking Challenge ones.)
ATTACK MODE (ala XBox) = ULTRAMIX 2 (like DANCE MAGIC, but with ATTACK MODE rules)

The rest were variations of Mission/"Master" Mode, once that got figured out. It's already implemented, and if said dream was accurate, it was course-based, then it's just a matter of being creative with it. (One-song missions = one-song courses.) There was something about taking the "Preferred Order" of a group and applying that the way BESTxx or WORSTxx courses did, too. But since it was a theme, it was pretty universal.

I should really poke around the source code sometime, huh? Very Happy

Or maybe because I'm getting back in the DDR mood, and am tired of waiting for a decent PS3 version to exist...)

Post #2 · Posted at 2012-05-04 08:37:54am 5.9 years ago

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Last updated: 2012-05-04 08:39am
I have no idea what I just read...

Quote: Nightime
-the NAOKI rave Tigerzord

...but here's a +5.

Post #3 · Posted at 2012-05-12 01:19:04pm 5.9 years ago

Offline Professor Raine
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I swear, if you have the talent, make random BGAs for SM please.

Post #4 · Posted at 2012-06-10 07:21:39am 5.8 years ago

Offline Nightime
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Last updated: 2012-06-10 07:21am
So far I have some basic structure/images, mostly of wallpapers I've ran across. And not all of the effect codes are working yet, just basic stuff like stretching/scrolling, spinning, and color cycling. Some stuff like the numericals will have to come later; but here's some stuff to play around with in the meantime (SMZIP format).

The subfolder structure is no coincidence, SM requires this to run the BGAnimations properly. I've also included some variations that just call the default BG's, and although they're coded to distort/recolor the default BG's, for some reason that's not taking effect yet either. Any suggestions/fixes/additions are totally encouraged! Down the road, once there's a good selection, I'm gonna start coding some of the SM files for specifics, especially songs without 4/4 timing and/or pauses; or songs that really have a good theme to script with.

(BUMP 06/08/2012)

Version 0.91 update finished. Fixed a few issues with tiled images, changed a few effects, added some nifty stuff with the Universe 1-2 revival BG's (B4U B4-ZA BG ftw!).

In the future: maybe some tiles/particles and character fanart influence. Suggestions? Oh, and I still gotta find a good layout for the whole numerical thing, because that's just too rad a concept to not do!


And now, this second SMZip contains some conceptual BGAs with the numerical themes discussed above. Mostly posting for feedback purposes.
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