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Post #1 · Posted at 2012-04-25 06:11:32am 5.7 years ago

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Ii finally have it so that my cabinet's memory card slots are fully functioning. That being said, I plan to make full use of them once I order a DexDrive and PocketStation. ;)

I read some time ago on DDRFreak that "link data" is required in order to save your scores across different mixes for songs that make repeat appearances. From 1stMIX through MAX2, there aren't any known complications. However, Cutriss, a prominent figure within the community, had this to say regarding using the same memory card on Extreme:

"For whatever reason, Konami elected to make DDR Extreme technically incompatible with New Version Link Data files from Max/Max2. Extreme will load your scores, but when it saves them, it will write a different title text line to the memory card, which will cause DDRMAX and DDRMAX2 to refuse to read the file. Your scores will remain intact (No guarantees for Internet Ranking saves for Oni/Nonstop, though), but the file will no longer be useable in the older machines.

I have written a program that circumvents this limitation, however. A link to download it can be found in the Links section at the end of this FAQ."

The FAQ can be found here:


Needless to say, the link provided at the bottom of the page no longer works, and I don't want to have it where my scores fail to appear on older mixes just because of a single line of text within the coding on Extreme.

Does anyone know where I may find a copy of said program, or provide an alternative means to preventing Extreme from messing up the data on my memory card? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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