Blacklight: Retribution - Onslaught Update

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Last updated: 2013-03-01 05:08am
2/28/13 BUMP for the 2/27 game update.


Onslaught Mode: http://blacklight.perfectworld.com/news/?p=823501

The Onslaught expansion is getting closer, Agents, and it includes a whopping total of three new maps and four modes. Get a closer look at them in this preview!

The Onslaught mode is Blacklight’s first co-op PvE mode. You and a team of three friends will be dropped in the new map Centre, and you’ll face 10 waves of zombies and Order operatives. You’ve got two objectives to achieve: stay alive, and capture locations of interest when they pop up.

Your allies will respawn between waves, and you’ll also be able to use depots between waves. You’re going to want to coordinate your depot items with your team to get the most mileage – trust me, when you get to later waves, especially on Hard mode, you’ll need all the firepower you can get…

Search and Destroy is about to take the competitive world of Blacklight by storm. This is a 10-man mode that you’ll be able to play in most maps, and it’s built around extreme teamwork. One team of five will be on offense and planting a bomb, the other team’s on defense.

Search and Destroy is a no-respawn mode, so if you’re capped, you’re out until the end of the round. Each round is up to 3 minutes, and there’s a total of 10 rounds per match. The bomb-carrier is invisible to HRV, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears open.

We’re also using that no-respawn paradigm to make two other new modes: Last Man Standing, and Last Team Standing. These are based off Deathmatch and TDM, but broken down into rounds instead of being an ongoing killfest. Since there’s no respawn in this, it’s going to be crucial that you play cautious and coordinate with your team.

In addition to these modes, we’re giving you new battlefields to get stuck in. Centre is the Onslaught map, built around an outdoor roadway and what probably used to be a plaza. Now it’s broken up by chain link fences and stairs, with a few well-placed vantage points. You’ll want to explore and find the best places to dig in versus zombies and the Order.

Metro and Safehold are both set up for the competitive modes. Beneath the now-ruined cities, even the subway systems have become underground battlefields. Metro is built for tunnel rats and shotgun fanatics, with side hallways broken up by sharp corners. Short-ranged weapons and calculated use of your HRV visor to track enemy agents will be key to your success.

Safehold is built around an open plaza, with several balconies circling it. Operatives holding the central plaza will face attacks from the buildings surrounding it. Be careful when engaging in lengthy firefights in the ruined plaza, though – there’s a giant pit large enough to drop a Hardsuit through.

Agents, the Onslaught expansion is the biggest update ever to come to Blacklight. Get ready for tons of new ways to frag when it launches soon – and stay tuned for the launch date!

Stay sharp agents!
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