Magical 4 Girls

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I just noticed something about the Magical 4 Girls as I was randomly looking through Remywiki.

Even though, only 2 of the 4 have their own song, we can predict the names of each of the other 2 girls. Here's the logic behind that:

Quattro, the character for SAMBA de ASPEL, means 4 in Spanish. SAN, the character for CHINA PROGRESSIVE, means 3 in Chinese. (And Japanese as well!) Since Quattro (4) came 1st, & SAN (3) followed, the next Magical 4 Girl's name will mean 2 in the character's respective language, & the last Girl's name will mean 1. So the French girl's name will either be Un or Deux, depending on when she gets her song. I can't tell u what the African chick's name choices are, as I don't know African tribal languages.

So, there's my theory. Let me know what u think.
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You got the right idea.

They did reveal their names in a Q&A section.

French girl is An, African girl is Mbili.
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