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Global changelog for the site.

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Revision 380 2013-09-23 23:48
v5.2 - Fixed UI bugs when entering scores in DDR score tracker.
v5.2 - Added description to most recent scores entered in DDR score tracker.
v5.2 - Fixed simfile rating display bug.
v5.2 - Added functionality to sort DDR scores by update time when viewing an entrant.
v5.2 - Removed DDR Game Search page. Use "Song Search" instead.
v5.2 - Minor logo font change.
v5.2 - Fixed arcade location change detection bug after security fix.
v5.2 - Fixed chat log bug after security fix.
v5.2 - Fixed edit thread permissions.

Revision 379 2013-09-14 01:20
v5.2 - Security updates.

Revision 378 2013-09-14 01:00
v5.2 - Security updates.

Revision 377 2013-09-13 00:21
v5.2 - Added support for restricted rating ranges.

Revision 376 2013-09-12 23:31
v5.2 - Fixed speed issue when editing arcade machine list by moving file generation to an AJAX call.
v5.2 - Fixed issue with twitter links in user's mini-profile if a twitter URL is entered.
v5.2 - Moved Theme sub-menu to the top of the Home menu.
v5.2 - Fixed some CSS styling issues.
v5.2 - Added 2010 -2- and UNIVERSE2 full screen backgrounds.

Revision 375 2013-09-09 01:34
v5.2 - Added full-screen backgrounds for the following themes: 10th style, colette, copious, DDR 2013, DistorteD, EMPRESS, EXTREME, HAPPY SKY, jubeat, ripples, knit, limelight, Lincle, Pluto, Replicant D-action, REFLEC BEAT, Resort Anthem, saucer, SIRIUS, Starlight, Starlight Drive, SuperNOVA, SuperNOVA2, tricoro, X, X2 and X3.
v5.2 - Added SOUND VOLTEX, SAKURA, Fascination ~eternal love mix~ and Tohoku EVOLVED themes.
v5.2 - Modified user profiles so if there's no contact information entered for a particular contact method, the row will not be displayed.
v5.2 - Fixed Twitch bug in user profiles.

Revision 374 2013-09-08 15:54
v5.2 - Fixed query bug in simfiles.
v5.2 - Added support for full-screen backgrounds.

Revision 373 2013-09-08 14:51
v5.2 - DDR filters are restored when scores are submitted.

Revision 372 2013-09-08 14:20
v5.2 - Added support for Twitch accounts for users.

Revision 371 2013-09-08 14:02
v5.2 - Fixed thread edit permission bug.

Revision 370 2013-09-08 13:58
v5.2 - Various admin page changes.
v5.2 - Changed Map button in arcade locations smaller.
v5.2 - Added support for price ranges in arcade locations.
v5.2 - Changed the user status to a more verbose status when viewing arcade locations.
v5.2 - Changed auto-sign out in Chat from 30 mins to 60 mins.
v5.2 - Removed one chat window restriction.
v5.2 - Removed some redundant code in chat AJAX call.
v5.2 - Chat messages from ignored users will no longer cause a notification to appear when using the Chat.
v5.2 - Optimised chat log queries.
v5.2 - Added code to auto shut down the site for guests if the web server load exceeds 100%.
v5.2 - Added support to mark DDR scores as private.
v5.2 - Fixed bug where if the thread name had double-quotes, the thread name would not appear in the text-box when editing a thread.
v5.2 - Added support for Soundcloud, Tumblr, YouTube and GREE account information for users.
v5.2 - Fixed user rating bug where ratings may glitch showing either 0, 2 or 3 times the actual ratings.
v5.2 - Modified donate button on home page to go to web host directly rather than personal PayPal account.
v5.2 - User agents are now logged.
v5.2 - Modified Online Users page so that Google, Bing and Baidu bots are now displayed instead of "Guest".
v5.2 - Modified top simfile pages to display 50 files instead of 20 files. The page now takes downloads into account instead of hits.
v5.2 - Added "Dance Wars" theme.
v5.2 - Optimised some queries in when viewing a forum.
v5.2 - Added support for editing picture metadata.
v5.2 - Fixed bug in simfile count when viewing a simfile category when there are private simfiles.

Revision 369 2013-02-03 23:45
v5.2 - Added support for Origin accounts.
v5.2 - Disabled YouTube videos in signatures.
v5.2 - Fixed bug where private simfiles were included in packs.
v5.2 - Increased number of users shown in user list to 250 per page.

Revision 368 2012-12-01 02:56
v5.2 - Added "Nintendo Network ID" support to "User List".

Revision 367 2012-12-01 02:47
v5.2 - Removed scrollbars in signatures.
v5.2 - Added colours for songs that have been "added" or "removed" in game database.
v5.2 - Added twitter widget to "High Load" page.
v5.2 - Added support for "REFLEC BEAT +" in score importer.
v5.2 - Fixed bug where "No Comments" would appear in picture comments when there are comments.
v5.2 - Added support for "Nintendo Network ID".

Revision 366 2012-10-31 17:49
v5.2 - Modified some admin pages.
v5.2 - Disabled word splitting in Chat.
v5.2 - Adjusted high load threshold to over 100 over a 1 minute AND 5 minute average.
v5.2 - Fixed "Select Song" drop down in DDR Score Tracker.
v5.2 - Fixed division by zero error when viewing a song with no DDR scores on it.
v5.2 - Redesigned footer.
v5.2 - Adjusted signature sizes to 192px.
v5.2 - Fixed difficulty and BPM numeric sorting bug in Game Database.
v5.2 - Fixed extra column bug in Game Database when games have songs but zero charts assigned.
v5.2 - Modified logo to not blur at 200% zoom.
v5.2 - Modified wording from "Shared" to "VPS" in high load page.
v5.2 - Removed slogan from home page header.
v5.2 - Modified description for -5 ratings for rate user page.
v5.2 - Fixed floating point bug in REFLEC BEAT score importer where scores will always update.
v5.2 - Modified stepchart viewer to use new NiftyDWIs URL.
v5.2 - Added "Edit" link for song info pages for admins.
v5.2 - Fixed some issues where navigation menu elements might wrap to new line in some browsers.
v5.2 - Added DDR 2013 theme.
v5.2 - Modified form display in Upload Simfile page.
v5.2 - Fixed bug where sometimes no files are available for download with certain characters in simfile names.
v5.2 - Added donation "Thank You" page.

Revision 365 2012-10-18 08:42
v5.2 - Fixed bug where locked posts and threads could still be edited.

Revision 364 2012-08-27 17:32
v6 - Deleted old code.

Revision 363 2012-08-24 12:32
v5.2 - Fixed picture comment delete bug.

Revision 362 2012-07-27 19:05
v5.2 - Fixed bug where going back from confirming deletion of simfile would take user back to category instead of the simfile.

Revision 361 2012-07-27 19:02
v5.2 - Added link to country-specific KML files in Google Earth instructions.
v5.2 - Increased query kill threshold to 15 seconds.
v5.2 - Increased maximum length of Facebook field to 32 characters.
v5.2 - E-mail function uses native PHP function rather than SwiftMailer.
v5.2 - Added sorting support to game database.
v5.2 - Added "colette" theme.
v5.2 - Shortened GuitarFreaksXG&DrumManiaXG to GFXG&DMXG in menu.
v5.2 - Optimised pack generation code.
v5.2 - Fixed security issues with simfile pages.
v5.2 - Fixed bug where post navigation actions were missing.
v5.2 - Fixed bug where simfile categories were not ordered property in user profile.

Revision 360 2012-06-11 13:51
v5.2 - Fixed issue where if the browser fails to submit message due to user connection failure, text box will unlock.

Revision 359 2012-06-02 18:48
v5.2 - Fixed bug where chat messages would stop coming in when a request fails.
v5.2 - Optimised chat log.
v5.2 - Fixed colour issue when viewing DDR score rankings with dark theme.
v5.2 - Added country-based KML file generation for arcade locations.
v5.2 - Added ability to hide posts from users in forum threads.
v5.2 - Changing themes via main menu will no longer switch the page.
v5.2 - Added "NEW" image for new notifications in notification menu.
v5.2 - Added jacket image support in simfiles.
v5.2 - Added shine styling to "Edit User Options" on selected section on the left panel.
v5.2 - Modified colours of DanceEvolution ARCADE theme.
v5.2 - Added ability to use old image upload method if drag and drop image upload method fails.
v5.2 - Fixed security issue with user profiles.

Revision 358 2012-05-02 22:43
v5.2 - Added Facebook "like" box to home page.

Revision 357 2012-04-29 21:40
v5.2 - Added "Starlight Drive" theme.
v5.2 - Added list of updates when importing scores for jubeat and REFLEC BEAT.
v5.2 - Fixed "News" page, category is now correctly passed between pages if set.
v5.2 - Modified REFLEC BEAT score tracker border colours to be purple.
v5.2 - Modified song search to support searching by native song name and song artist.

Revision 356 2012-04-24 01:08
v5.2 - Added artist search in song search.

Revision 355 2012-04-23 00:17
v5.2 - Added REFLEC BEAT score tracker.

Revision 354 2012-04-22 16:06
v5.2 - Added support for jubeat score tracker imports from score files.
v5.2 - Added tricoro theme.
v5.2 - Added score display next to grades in jubeat score tracker.

Revision 353 2012-04-20 08:39
v5.2 - Added thread fix code when timestamps are out of sync.

Revision 352 2012-04-14 19:45
v5.2 - Fixed bug where history is recorded for arcade location changes that involve single quotes.
v5.2 - Fixed issue where chat message is cleared even though message submission has failed.
v5.2 - Fixed typo in home page.
v5.2 - Added score to most recent 10 scores to jubeat score tracker.
v5.2 - Fixed some styling issues in site monitor.

Revision 351 2012-04-07 17:15
v5.2 - Events panel is hidden if there are no events within two months to show.
v5.2 - Fixed typo in one notification type.

Revision 350 2012-04-06 11:28
v5.2 - Added April Fools 2012 files.
v5.2 - Added jump buttons to arcade location pages.

Revision 349 2012-03-30 00:49
v5.2 - Added DanceEvolution ARCADE theme.

Revision 348 2012-03-29 22:16
v5.2 - saucer theme added.

Revision 347 2012-03-20 23:42
v5.2 - Removed "Show More Comments" button from arcade location pages when there are less than 25 comments.
v5.2 - Fixed DDR score tracker sort to include video links.
v5.2 - Fixed HTML validation error on index.php.

Revision 346 2012-03-11 03:47
v5.2 - Added extra line break between list of regular visitors and button.
v5.2 - User location is displayed as a flag in mini profiles if available.
v5.2 - Updated code that looks for <textarea> element when BBCode buttons/emoticons are clicked.
v5.2 - Added GuitarFreaksXG&DrumManiaXG to Games sub-menu.
v5.2 - Updated "Search" page.
v5.2 - Fixed regular expression issue in "Song Search" page.
v5.2 - Updated Simfile Category pages with support for category information and simplified header.

Revision 345 2012-02-20 00:48
v5.2 - Fixed styling issue for various comments.
v5.2 - Added game goofs to game database (if available).
v5.2 - Private flag for simfiles now respected in more places.
v5.2 - Modified Song Search page so that text box is auto-focused.

Revision 344 2012-02-18 15:43
v5.2 - Added (Private) to the View Simfile page header if simfile has been marked private.
v5.2 - Cleaned up simfile search AJAX file, private simfiles do not show up here now.

Revision 343 2012-02-18 14:35
v5.2 - Fixed a bug with updating note counts.
v5.2 - Fixed some styling issues with "Last 25 Updated Arcade Locations".
v5.2 - Removed an extra line break in "Regular Visitors" section.
v5.2 - Fixed a bug where you could not delete scores on the DDR/DS Score Tracker.
v5.2 - Removed FancyBox pop ups from DDR unlock code pages.
v5.2 - Modified the jubeat Score Tracker so now you can use the Enter key to submit scores.
v5.2 - Added functionality to mark individual simfiles as private.

Revision 342 2012-02-13 00:48
v5.2 - Song difficulties can be assigned while creating song-game assignments.
v5.2 - Fixed bug where infoWindows on arcade location map was centre-aligned.
v5.2 - Fixed bug where page navigation was not displayed correctly in Chat Log.
v5.2 - Updated Friend List page to support ID-adding.
v5.2 - Modified PM notification grouping, now groups by user.
v5.2 - Modified game database song list sort, unlockable songs now appear at the bottom of each list sorted by it's unlock method in ascending order.
v5.2 - Added colour background to event's category on home page.
v5.2 - Added icons to buttons in notification sub-menu.
v5.2 - Modified user actions on View User page so they appear under the header.

Revision 341 2012-02-12 00:42
v5.2 - Fixed bug where private categories would appear on user profiles.

Revision 340 2012-02-11 22:22
v5.2 - Modified arcade location pages to have better compatibility with browsers with JavaScript turned off.
v5.2 - Date added to last header tab when JavaScript is not enabled.
v5.2 - Certain home page elements are hidden with JavaScript is not enabled.

Revision 339 2012-02-11 21:18
v5.2 - More localisation updates.
v5.2 - Modified headers at Events page slightly.
v5.2 - Added rating bar to Your Ratings page.
v5.2 - Added Highlights page.

Revision 338 2012-02-09 08:55
v5.2 - More admin buttons added to user profile view.
v5.2 - First Name and Last Name fields are now required and cannot be blanked.

Revision 337 2012-02-08 00:32
v5.2 - Fixed UI issue with buttons in PM page.
v5.2 - Modified language function so missing keys are displayed for admins.
v5.2 - Added more terms for localisation.

Revision 336 2012-02-06 23:07
v5.2 - Fixed "Show Ignore List" button in chat.
v5.2 - Distributors page updated.
v5.2 - Removed a double border in song database view.
v5.2 - Some button styling fixes.

Revision 335 2012-02-05 01:43
v5.2 - Page navigation drop down is cut down if number of pages exceeds 30.

Revision 334 2012-02-05 01:35
v5.2 - Removed country name from "Last 25 Updated Arcade Locations", click on the flag instead.
v5.2 - Modified arcade locations comment so it only displays first 25 comments, added a button to view more.
v5.2 - Removed text from some buttons in "Chat".
v5.2 - Updated "Contributions" page.
v5.2 - Updated "Distributors" page.
v5.2 - Removed text from page navigation buttons.
v5.2 - Updated "PM" page with buttons.
v5.2 - Simfile pack generation logic optimised.
v5.2 - Removed double borders from some simfile pages.
v5.2 - Added icons to buttons in "View Forum" page.
v5.2 - Modified "Thread Locked" text to appear as button.

Revision 333 2012-02-04 22:28
v5.2 - Icons added to repository.
v5.2 - Various buttons now have icons added.
v5.2 - Pluto theme added.
v5.2 - Distributors page added.
v5.2 - Reformatted arcade locations add/edit page.
v5.2 - Added First and Last buttons back to page navigators.
v5.2 - Added Edit button in game database for admins.
v5.2 - Fixed bug with generate arcade location files script.
v5.2 - Forgot Password? button on home page now takes user to forgot password page rather than log in.
v5.2 - Modified right floated links in news page as buttons.
v5.2 - Reformatted register page.
v5.2 - Modified view forums page so that "No applicable actions" no longer shows if viewing subscribed threads as a forum.

Revision 332 2012-02-03 13:15
v5.2 - Fixed a bug with e-mail registration check.

Revision 331 2012-02-02 02:19
v5.2 - Fixed a styling bug where song name and artist were invisible when using the dark theme.

Revision 330 2012-02-02 02:12
v5.2 - Added Expand All/Collapse All anchors to arcade location page.
v5.2 - Fixed a bug where game database table columns had wrong widths.
v5.2 - Fixed a bug where new jubeat scores did not respect data entered for picture links.

Revision 329 2012-01-30 01:25
v5.2 - Arcade locations with no games will have a gray marker on the map.
v5.2 - Added "Forgot Password?" and "Resend Activation E-mail" buttons to log in page.

Revision 328 2012-01-29 03:00
v5.2 - Various admin pages updated.
v5.2 - Arcade location pages uses new section styling and adjusted text spacing.
v5.2 - Game information in game database now has more top/bottom text spacing.
v5.2 - Added table header for Google Earth arcade locations KML file.
v5.2 - Fixed bug with list games page.
v5.2 - Modified release date display format in song database to omit -00 and 0000.

Revision 327 2012-01-21 16:47
v5.2 - Song Search added under Games.
v5.2 - IIDX, DDR & DS, DanceEvolution, GF&DM, jubeat, pop'n, REFLEC BEAT, Taiko game database pages and link pages removed.
v5.2 - Data table added in game database.

Revision 326 2012-01-21 15:43
Admin - Category renames will now rename the physical folders automatically.
Admin - Series types are now handled via a new table rather than field enumerations.
v5.2 - More links converted to buttons in View Forum page and clicking on the thread name cell will no longer take you to the first post.

Revision 325
v5.2 - Game Browser page added.
v5.2 - "Unlock Method" support added song-level and at chart-level.
v5.2 - Minor CSS changes.

Revision 324
v5.2 - Removed unneeded admin files.
v5.2 - Game links are clickable in admin game page.
v5.2 - Fixed a bug where continue prices were shown on the map even if price was 0 for some currencies.
v5.2 - Fixed vertical alignment of text in the arcade location form.
v5.2 - Game links are now shown in the game database.
v5.2 - SOUND VOLTEX sub-menu added under Games.
v5.2 - Social media icons added to page header for home page.
v5.2 - Graphics table is no longer shown when a song has no graphics assigned to it.

Revision 323
v5.2 - Chat size can be resized via buttons.
v5.2 - Fixed a bug where "Add Friend" would not work if the username has an ampersand character.

Revision 322
v5.2 - Continue Price support added for arcade location machines.
v5.2 - Year in footer updated.
v5.2 - Paging links changed to buttons.
v5.2 - Forum action button styles updated.

Revision 321
v5.2 - User rating and badge image will now be synced live whenever a notification refresh request is made.

Revision 320
v5.2 - Fixed performance issue in refreshFavicon() function.

Revision 319
v5.2 - Numerous redundant graphic files removed from repository.
v5.2 - Site icon will turn cyan if you have notifications or have been mentioned in the chat while you are not on the active chat window or tab.
v5.2 - Changed the reply and delete links in view PM to buttons.
v5.2 - Added post count and chat message count to user profiles.

Revision 318
v5.2 - Improved formatting of picture counts in picture gallery index.
v5.2 - Fixed a bug where arcade location page scroll animation was not working in Firefox.

Revision 317
v5.2 - Last update time is not displayed on IE if it cannot parse the date.
v5.2 - Drag and drop image uploads now supported on compatible browsers.

Revision 316
v5.2 - Last update text in arcade location markers now also show how long ago the last update was.

Revision 315
v5.2 - Added "Show On Map" buttons to "Last 25 Updated Arcade Locations".
v5.2 - Added flags to arcade location search results.
v5.2 - Added game count to marker titles (hover).
v5.2 - Fixed a bug where custom simfile ZIPs cannot be downloaded by co-owners.
v5.2 - Added missing text for registration notifications.

Revision 314
v5.2 - Fixed a bug for when series type name has single quotes in them.
v5.2 - Fixed a bug for when Add/Edit buttons were clicked for Country/Sub-Region/City in arcade locations.

Revision 313
v5.2 - Added CTRL+click info in arcade location search form.
v5.2 - All location links on the arcade location page are fully handled by AJAX.
v5.2 - Song selector in song database is hidden if there is a song ID in the URL.
v5.2 - Added section headers to list of games in map marker information and in arcade location games list.

Revision 312
v5.2 - DDR chart admin page updated.
v5.2 - Arcade location search consolidated to two table rows.
v5.2 - Arcade location search fields have set widths.
v5.2 - Added arcade and machine count to search results header row.
v5.2 - "Condition Legend" added to search result table.
v5.2 - "Show On Map" button added for each search result.
v5.2 - Added another "Go" button to user list page.
v5.2 - Registration notifications are grouped as one.
v5.2 - Arcade location search is no longer sorting case-sensitively.
v5.2 - Duplicate JavaScript function removed from arcadelocations.js.

Revision 311
v5.2 - Fixed bug where alphabetical filtering in user list did not work.

Revision 310
v5.2 - Fixed a bug where HTML tags were rendered in the post preview.

Revision 309
v5.2 - Fixed missing </div> in an AJAX reply.

Revision 308
v5.2 - Sub-regions with more than 50 cities are now displayed as two columns in arcade locations.

Revision 307
v5.2 - Changed arcade location search lists to show 16 items rather than 8.
v5.2 - Fixed game sort in select list to take game region into account.
v5.2 - Fixed minor bug where "Any Game" is not selected by default when series type is changed.

Revision 306
v5.2 - Arcade location search supports multiple series types and multiple game selections.
v5.2 - Arcade location search takes place on client-side plus map filtering functionality added. Tested on Chrome, Firefox and IE8.

Revision 305
v5.2 - Fixed a bug where series categories were not formatted properly for arcade location map markers.

Revision 304
v5.2 - Trimmed down the arcade location history table to show only the last 20 entries per location.

Revision 303
v5.2 - Latest 10 Post thread overflow animation speed adjusted.

Revision 302
v5.2 - Geolocation and zoom saved when you navigate arcade locations via links on left panel.

Revision 301
v5.2 - User Options left panel updated.
v5.2 - Location on arcade location map is now saved in URL hash to prevent the map resetting when "Back" button is pressed.

Revision 300
v5.2 - Some admin page changes.
v5.2 - Option to change default map type added to User Options.

Revision 299
Mobile - Songs info not displayed in arcade location for games that are not music games.

Revision 298
v5.2 - Permanent arcade location deletes will now also delete the history.
v5.2 - Arcade locations that are marked deleted will not be shown in the user profile.

Revision 297
v5.2 - * character added for notecharts without any notes assigned to them yet on admin side.
v5.2 - Hovering over overflowed thread titles in Latest 10 Posts will now animate.

Revision 296
v5.2 - Series types are auto populated from the database.
v5.2 - Few links on arcade location details page converted to buttons.
v5.2 - Messages with you mentioned in the chat will have a grey background.
v5.2 - Option to unset your gender added.
v5.2 - Registration notifications added for staff.
v5.2 - Log In/Register panel buttons on the home page tidied up.
v5.2 - Fixed link on navigation bar when viewing jubeat score rankings.
v5.2 - Fixed bug where the "begins with" was not being carried over when switching pages on the user list.
v5.2 - Page to view full list of arcade games in the database added.

Revision 295
v5.2 - Forgot password page with ability to reset passwords added.

Revision 294
v5.2 - View Song Information button added to jubeat Score Tracker when song is clicked.

Revision 293
v5.2 - Fixed a bug where bumps were not recorded as an update.

Revision 292
v5.2 - When the [font] BBCode button is clicked, default font is Courier.
v5.2 - Viewing thread subscriptions as a forum is now possible via Forums -> Thread Subscriptions -> View As Forum.
v5.2 - Changed Unsubscribe links to buttons in Thread Subscriptions page.
v5.2 - Fixed bug where usernames with characters were not being shown properly in Latest 10 Posts.

Revision 291
v5.2 - Added three series types.
v5.2 - Added shield icon for Site Staff.
v5.2 - Cosmetic changes on Upload Picture page.

Revision 290
v5.2 - Apple Game Center logo fixed.
v5.2 - Arcade location search game drop down now split into series type sections.
v5.2 - Arcade location history doesn't record "for # songs" when adding/editing non-music game machines.
v5.2 - Fixed a bug where AC/CS jubeat scores were not being loaded if it was not previously entered using that exact AC/CS game.

Revision 289
v5.2 - Fixed a bug where the user identifier was not being sent in the activation e-mail if you change your e-mail address.
v5.2 - Other non-music games are now supported in the arcade location section.
v5.2 - Score count added to the jubeat Score Tracker.
v5.2 - Last updated time stamp for posts is now moved beneath the mini user profile.

Revision 288
v5.2 - Fixed a bug where the last song would not appear in the song list for jubeat Score Tracker.

Revision 287
v5.2 - Redundant arcade locations JavaScript code removed.
v5.2 - jQuery updated from 1.7 to 1.7.1.
v5.2 - jubeat Score Tracker panel image added.
v5.2 - PASS in jubeat Score Tracker legend is now CLEARED.
v5.2 - Picture link support added to jubeat scores.

Revision 286
v5.2 - jubeat Score Tracker added.
v5.2 - [!] shows on page title when your username is mentioned in the chat.

Revision 285
v5.2 - User List page restructured.

Revision 284
v5.2 - Apple Game Center Nicknames supported.

Revision 283
v5.2 - GORGEOUS 2012 theme added.

Revision 282
v5.2 - Admin page changes.
v5.2 - Chat entry criteria added.
v5.2 - Bottom footer bar disabled for Chat page.
v5.2 - Fixed HTML errors.
v5.2 - New Year 2012 theme added.

Revision 281
v5.2 - limelight theme added.
v5.2 - Song database game appearance list sort changed.

Revision 280
v5.2 - Admin page changes.
v5.2 - Registration security increased.

Revision 279
v5.2 - Link support added for games, admin side only.
v5.2 - Song admin page uses iframe.
v5.2 - DDR Game Database print page fixed.
v5.2 - Comma separator added to post count on user mini-profile.
v5.2 - Game database game select drop down formatted with option groups.
v5.2 - Game database genre column size and formatting adjusted.
v5.2 - Fixed HTML syntax errors in main menu.
v5.2 - Removed Xmas elements from front page.
v5.2 - Fixed typo in pop'n music links and added pop'n 20 Official Site link.
v5.2 - Table cells now default to middle vertical alignment.

Revision 278
v5.2 - IIDX chart view admin page bugs fixed.
v5.2 - Fixed arcade location game search.
v5.2 - Added Google+ support for user profiles.
v5.2 - Xmas elements added to front page.
v5.2 - Fixed Taiko AC link.

Revision 277
v5.2 - Image support for songs added.
v5.2 - Song database page added.
v5.2 - Songs in game database now link to song database.
v5.2 - Starlight theme header updated.
v5.2 - SM parser JavaScript file updated with jQuery.

Revision 276
v5.2 - Arcade location search now shows all machines.

Revision 275
v5.2 - Clock restored.
v5.2 - DDR Score Tracker view user page fixed.

Revision 274
v5.2 - X3 theme updated.

Revision 273
v5.2 - Main menu separator style updated.
v5.2 - Box shadow added to drop down menus.

Revision 272
v5.2 - Copy paste game to game supports song type override.
v5.2 - Hitting ENTER in chat no longer submits with empty string, refreshes immediately.
v5.2 - Added DDR X3 Official Site to DDR links.
v5.2 - Fixed HTML bug in game database.
v5.2 - Daiz WR attempt replaces clock temporarily.

Revision 271
Admin - Old admin folder added.

Revision 270
v5.2 - Few admin changes.

Revision 269
v5.2 - Chart comment support added. (Admin)
v5.2 - https links now formatted in user content.
v5.2 - Main header links restored for Home | Forums | Arcades | Links.

Revision 268
v5.2 - Link pages updated.
v5.2 - Notes added to DDR X2 Unlock Status page.

Revision 267
v5.2 - Full arcade location state are now also saved when machines or pictures are updated.

Revision 266
v5.2 - Link to last post added for forum post notifications.

Revision 265
v5.2 - Google+ panel image added.

Revision 264
v5.2 - Thread Subscriptions sub-menu ordered by thread title.

Revision 263
v5.2 - SSC file support added for simfiles.

Revision 262
v5.2 - DDR Score Tracker filter optimised.
v5.2 - Upgraded jQuery to 1.7.
v5.2 - Registration single-quote bug fixed.
v5.2 - Simfile Category view now shows green for audio if OGG is found.
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