Devil May Cry series

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Post #1 · Posted at 2006-07-16 04:22:57am 11.9 years ago

Offline Trip Machina
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How many of you are familiar with Devil May Cry?
I am one of them, lol.

I have DMC1, DMC3, and DMC3: SE.

I beat all of them on DMD mode except for Special Edition because I didn't feel like doing the exact same thing I've done in the original DMC3 again. Since I have the JP versions, the only main difference between DMC3 and DMC3: SE is the ability to choose "International" and "Gold"....in DMC3, it's automatically set to "Gold", in the SE, you have a choice; oh yeah forgot to mention another difference: Vergil is playable (duh!) XD.

The US version of the original DMC3 was basically set to "International", thus it being hard as hell and agitating with the Yellow Orbs system, but the SE, gave 'em a taste of JP. XD

In other news, DMC2 blows. =)
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Offline blade2000
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hey yeah i love Devil may Cry games they are well good.
I cant wait till the 4th one comes out but that one is going to be on the ps3.
but i will be getting the ps3 for that and other games that i like the looks of.
for example

Grand turismo.
devil may cry 4.

and there are also another couple but cant think at this moment in time.

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