Sony clamps down on PSN game sharing

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If they had adopted how the Xbox 360 handles this, this wouldn't have happened in the first place:

1. Only the one activated console can use the purchases as long as the user profile is on the console, otherwise all purchases linked to that account are disabled on the console.
2. Purchases can be used on other consoles as long as the profile is transferred onto a USB stick and you sign on to that profile on said console. Profiles can only be moved, not copied.

I like the fact you can deactivate PS3 consoles over the Internet now and not having to do it physically on the console.

The only drawback is that if I wanted to play my purchases on another person's console, I will have to remember to deactivate on each visit.

You can have your XBL profile on multiple systems using the account recovery option. XBL is worse than the 5 system PS3 stuff, actually. I've lost track of the number of 360's I've recovered my account on, gone to account info, downloads, and redownloaded all my stuff. Want UMK3 on XBL, but can't get it because it was removed? I have it, I can still get it. If you want it, I can recover my account on your system and download it (granted there is MKAK now, but for a while this was the only way to get it). Dream On and DKM pack for GH3? I have those too, and can download them whenever on whoever's system I want. All they have to do is play them on my gamertag, and an unlimited number of systems can have my DLC.

Fair enough, didn't know that.
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