[Dec 3-4] ONLY ONE STEPMAN (AnimeLeague's DDR/ITG tournament)

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Hello, I'm in charge of the DDR setup at AnimeLeague.
There's going to be a tournament running at London Gaming Con (on Holloway Road) which is going to be run by me and TakaTDM this December and I would like to make a bigger deal of it this time.
Come one come all, entry is free and the prize is £30.
Nothing to lose!

If you're interested in entering, please register on the www.londongamingcon.com website, because at the moment we'd really appreciate the help.

The qualifier round is chosen by me, and will be a song of 4-8 difficulty chosen by me on the day. The top 16 will enter into a standard 1vs1 tournament tree.

We have a LOT of simfile packs, but as far as tournament songs goes, it's probably best to practice songs that appeared in DDR EXTREME, SuperNova and In The Groove 1-2. All of those packs are freely available on this site so if you feel like "learnding up" you can get started right away.

To quote the site:
Game Name: AnimeLeague's Dance Dance Revolution*
Tournament Name: ONLY ONE STEP MAN
Specifics: First round is a qualifier on a mystery song decided on the day (difficulty 4-6)
Top 8/16 of the qualifier (depending on number of entrants) will enter into a standard 1vs1 tournament
until there is ONLY ONE STEP MAN standing.
Day/Time Required: Dec 3-4, time not confrimed yet.

There's a good chance we'll be playing on an actual convert cabinet, but in the event that we aren't, the tournament will take place on FutureMax FitPro pads with bar, featuring the same openITG setup and simfiles.
You'd need to register for us to get the machine!!

Come on, you've got to be considering entering for the name alone

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