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Hello!! This is my first time posting here. I hope I got this right.

Anyways, I did a hip hop track the other day sampling Ramsey Lewis' "I Don't Wanna Be Right," James Brown's "Papa Don't Take No Mess," Teena Marie's "Ooo La La" and Fugees "Fu-Gee-La."

I spent countless hours mixing this. The two samples are very unalike, and two completely separate genres, so I toyed around with them.

Ain't No Stoppin' Us


The lyrics I'm spitting on this verse
It ain't no shit - just a new hit
They don't understand that I'm the fucking man
I do whatever I want - and do I give a damn?
Fuck no, and they know that
I'm a beast, motherfucker, I write words like prophecy
Sexuality, and they know, that if they treat me with animosity
Don't mess with my pen - 'cause that's a sin and you're damned
Like Sodom and Gomorrah, though you'll become pillers of sand

Ooh la la la
It's the way that we rock when you're rocking with me
Ooh la la la
It's the natural high that you know that we bring
Ooh la la la...
I feel for you

I hear the people scream, and they callin' out for me
They worship the ground I walk on, bitch, I'm celebrity
Right now I'm walking down the street, be at me class at 3
In my mind - in my daydreams, I'm the best that ever be
I sell a million CDs, get plays on MTV
Even YouTube can't handle everything I'm gonna be
I got talent in my pen, and still you're struggling
Trying to find a good reason why you're better than me

Sample list:
-"I Don't Wanna Be Right" / Ramsey Lewis (flutes and rhodes)
-"Papa Don't Take No Mess" / James Brown (beat)
-"Impeach the President" / The Honeydrippers (beat)
-"Fu-Gee-La" / The Fugees (elements)
-"Ooo La La" / Teena Marie (elements in vocals)
-"The Way Love Goes" / Janet Jackson (drum programming)
-"Emotions" / Mariah Carey (elements in vocals)
-"You're Making Me High" / Toni Braxton (elements in vocals & beats)
"Clear all the borders and pave your way even through darkness. You'll be alright, I'll catch you when you fall my soul won't let you down." - Flourish / sonic-coll & Frances Maya.
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