Free DDR to play at Nan Desu Kan 2011 (Denver, CO) Sept 9-11th

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In short the DDR Encore team here in Colorado operates the "DDR Room" at the Nan Desu Kan anime convention. The convention is one of the region's best anime conventions. For the second year in the row we have been honored to be selected as the team to provide DDR for everyone to play!... Yay... So the quote below shows the rules we have in place for the DDR room. If you want to learn more about NDK itself head for ndkdenver.org. Pre-registration is now closed so you will have to register on site. Warning, this is the first year this convention is having an attendance cap so come early Friday to get registred. Anyone who is registered may enter the DDR room and play for free. See ya there.

Hey everyone its Myst from the DDR Encore team,

First off thanks to everyone who supported us last year, we again will be hosting the DDR room for NDK in 2011. Now sorry for the late notice, but things have been crazy for the team, one of us got married, I got my job with my favorite arcade company back, so much has been going on we've been minorly distracted from the upcoming task of NDK 2011.

We figured out what worked and what didn't last year and there will be some significant changes. First off, there will be no large scale tournament this year... aw. Well tournaments are fun but running a large one last year, seemed to slow things down in the middle of the day on Saturday when a lot of causal players wanted to play. If things slow down as far as the causal audience goes we may run a quick little get together with all of the local pros late night or something. Also please do not be too bummed, because as I said, I am working for a large scale aracde company at a brand new site here in the Denver Metro Area and have plans to bring more touranments to the area, just like I did when I was working in Cheyenne. (Sorry for not providing exact details, but I respect NDK being non-profit and I do not want to advertise something that has nothing to do with the DDR room at NDK itself.)

Also we are dropping everything other than the causual game mode, no special courses, no challenges. They just did not get interest last year. We may give away some cool things throughout the weekend to people who "impress" us with their skills though.

Now being that said we use a custom built DDR machine we have the list of songs for this year's weekend:

All songs from the following versions can be found:
Arcade mixes: DDR 1st Mix, DDR 2nd Mix, DDR 3rd Mix, DDR 4th Mix, DDR 5th Mix, DDRMAX, DDRMAX2, DDR Extreme, DDR SuperNOVA, DDR SuperNOVA 2, DDR X, DDR X2, Club Version 1 and 2, Solo 2000, and Solo Bass
US Home Verisons: DDR, Konamix, DDRMAX, DDRMAX 2, Extreme, Extreme 2, SuperNOVA, SuperNOVA 2, DDR X, DDR X2, Ultramix, Ultramix 2, Ultramix 3, Ultramix 4, Universe, Universe 2, Universe 3, Hottest Party, Hottest Party 2, Hottest Party 3, and DDR 2010
Japanese Home Verisons: Party Collection, Festival, Strike, Hottest Party, Full Full Party, Music Fit, and other never seen in arcade songs
European: All DancingStage mixes.
Non-DDR games: In The Groove, ITG2, ITG3, ITG Rebirth
Custom Mixes: DDR Encore 1, DDR Encore 2 (you can learn more about these songs at http://www.ddrencore.com)

All in all there are over 2,000 songs to choose from... yes including Butterfly... please though don't overplay it, we can recommend some other fun Smile.dk songs and other bubblegum pop style songs that will be on the machine. There will be someone at the machine at all times mainly to help you find a song you want. The best idea is to think of its title and we can do the rest. However the songs will be organized in the following groups:
DDR Encore, DDR Encore 2, DDR 1st Mix, DDR 2nd Mix, DDR 3rd Mix, DDR 4th Mix, DDR 5th Mix, DDRMAX, DDRMAX2, DDR Extreme, DDR SuperNOVA, DDR SuperNOVA 2, DDR X, DDR X2, Club Versions, DDR Solo. Home Verisons, DancingStage, Groove Radar Specials, X-Specals, (A)&(S)Station, In The Groove, In The Groove 2, In The Groove 3, and ITG Rebirth
You can also search for songs alphabetically by title and by author. There are other search options too! In addition there are several modifiers to help you enjoy the game like Speed Mods, and Arrow Mods. Just ask for assistance.

The rules of the DDR room:
1. Line Rule - A line will be established to control the flow of players wanting to play DDR, this will be distinguished by a line of chairs to sit down as you wait. Do not break the line for whatever reason, you may fall back and allow a player behind you to go in front of you if you want to be paired with a certain friend. You will be paired up with the next player in line and each will play simultaniously. Each pair will play 2 songs. That means there is 1 song between each of you to pick from and enjoy. Once you are done you may either leave or return to the end of the line to wait for another turn. There is no maximum limit to how many times you may get in line however be careful to not suffer from fatigue or heat exhaustion. The line can be as long as a 1 hour wait depending how busy we get.
2. Double Rules - One concern last year was not being able to play Double Style. Well this year players may switch to double on the following condition. First both you and your teammate must agree to play Double style. Secondly each of you can only play 1 song each (maintaining the overall 2 song turn limit). You both may choose the same song when it double if you both are competing against each other.
3. Spectator Seating - There will be a limited area to sit down and just watch players play. There will be a projector showing the screen gameplay to showcase the action. You are welcome to hang out for as long as you want. Please note, the front row will be dedicated to DDR Encore staff to monitor the machine and room. Once again be careful not to hang out too long as it will get hot in there. Please keep aisles and pathways free of any bags, clutter or cosplay props.
4. Food and Drink - We advise against bringing in any food or drink other than bottled water (however we will not stop you if you do). There will be no bottled water in the DDR room available to participants or spectators.
5. Cosplay - We love it when cosplayers come in and play DDR. However we can't emphasize it enough that you will need to be careful when you play. Remember it is not wise to play barefoot (you can cut your feet on the screws of the pads). Just as high heels or boots can be equally dangerous (easy to fall especally if you are not an experienced DDR player). Remember we will not be held responsible for "wardrobe malfunctions" however if you stricly follow NDK rules for cosplay, we do not see you having too much problems when playing. We recommend that if you want to play DDR frequently, we recommend bring a pair of running or tennis shoes just for playing.
6. No excessive shouting or screaming - DO NOT attempt to shout or talk louder than the game volume (and we will be pretty loud). If you are too noisy or are being obnoxious while in line, we will not hestitate to get a member of NDK security to escort you out of the room.
7. Be respectful - many players are not experienced with DDR and many are, be respectful of both groups. There is a point where you are teasing a player that can welcomes it and a point where you are insulting to players. There are a lot of players who love (or only know) the song Butterfly or other favorite, sure it will be a pain however don't lash out at a player if they are the 3rd team in a row to play it. If you are caught being in any way disrespectful to other players, you will be removed from the room.
8. Have fun - The DDR Encore team works to put this together just so everyone at NDK has something fun to do at any time. So please do have fun. If you have any concerns to the operation of the room post here in this topic or speak with a DDR Encore team member on-site.

Well that is about it for now. Got questions? Post them here. I will check up on it every day to make sure everyone is ready to go for the max combo! See ya in a week!

See the NDK forum post to submit questions for me to answer back quickly. Thanks!
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