Advice needed on getting back into it.

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Hey guys, I took a few years off DDR/Itg, gained a lot of weights etc but now I am back playing.

I am looking for some advice on what I can do not only on the Itg machine, but outside in like the gym, at home etc to start building back up the stamina.

I am still able to hit the notes well enough (92% on Zodiac on my first try back, Got half way through the stream in Utopia before running out of steam, most 9s are ok to do at the moment) however the stamina is lacking along with my feet not moving as fast as they used to due to the weight.

Another thing I should point out, the machine I have is a R21 Itg2 Dedicab, I play it twice a week at the moment for about 2 hours at a time so any songs in the 9 region that you think would be good for me to do (and a download link aswell if possible) would be wonderful.

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I'm probably not the best person from which to take advice on this, but I've heard that one of the most effective ways to build In The Groove stamina is high-intensity interval training. One thing I do is put Open In The Groove on autoplay on the home computer and step on the floor -- you might be able to step through songs five block levels above your pad limit doing this since stepping on a flat floor is less than half as draining as stepping on upgrade pads. Selecting a song above what you can normally handle on your last song can be a good way to push your limits. In my experience, upgrade pads are more draining than dedicab pads, so I guess you could try playing on upgrade pads if you have convenient access and wish to work your stamina. Do you use the bar? As for nines, do you wish to improve your timing, or what do you aim to accomplish on them? Nines probably aren't going to do much for stamina unless you can't pass 10's or something, especially on a dedicab.
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I have given out advice plenty of times about improving stamina for DDR and ITG. Everything you will do to go gain more stamina will be outside of the game and will consist of really running.

The best thing you can do is to keep sprinting/running until you really can't anymore (to the point where you are too out of breath to continue). You will want to start walking and after I minute or so of walking run until you achieve not being able to breathe again. Rinse and repeat. Fighting through the pain in your side is also a great way to help when your doing the running, just be careful to do overdue it too much or your going to be hurting REALLY bad the next day.

Running marathons is also a great way to gain more stamina. Make a goal for yourself (for me it usually was 2 or 3 miles in my gym class) and run that amount at a steady pace. Its great if you can do this on a treadmill to keep track of how far you ran but you can also make destinations outside to run to and back.

If you do everything correctly you should be able to run faster, longer and not feel any pain in your side for long distances. You will also find you can pass harder songs on ITG and DDR. I broke the 14 barrier by doing this all year in my gym class when I could barely pass 12's when I started.

Hope this helps!
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