[QUESTION] Technika Max Points?

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Is the difference in scores somehow related to the distribution of Max Points?

Like if your score/grade is somehow high like S++, you gain more max points?


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There's various ways of getting max points.

In Star/Pop modes it seems to be related to how well you score+difficulty of the song. I think the most i've earned is 185 Max Points from one song and im assuming that's the cap level. The average is around 170-175 though.

In Club mode you earn 700 points for passing the set/extended mix.

Crew race is the best way to earn max points, but its very confusing to figure out how it all works but you learn that as you go for the most part. To sum it up as easy as possible, if you are not in a crew or in a crew that doesn't rank in the top 90 for crew points (which you earn for clearing Pop/Star/Club/Crew Race sets/courses) you will get 1200 max points for winning a crew course and 900 if you lose. If you get in a high ranking crew it can go as high as 2800 per crew course win. Points earned for playing a course that you already beat will decrease.
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