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So lately, I've been looking through the simfiles for certain authors. Whenever I type in NAOKI, it displays up to 200 simfiles for the official songs. However, it only displays up to 50 user simfiles. For example, I type NAOKI in and I get all the official simfiles, but with the user simfiles it says that there are over 50 results. Is there any way of making it capable of pulling up at least 100 (maybe more) user simfiles so that I can see the user simfiles that are by popular artists (Ryu*, NAOKI, jun, etc.)

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Agreed to this.

I was like, "Hey let's see if there's any good PARANOiA custom simfiles (or maybe remix) someone made...", type PARANOiA and I could just see "please refine search". Can you make it multi-paged Al, with one page for 50 songs maybe?
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