New type of encryption. Makes getting PUMP files difficult.

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This makes getting the files from Fiesta, Fiesta EX, and Pro 2 difficult now.
To be honest, it's totally reasonable. They would have to pay a lot of money to license the songs and hire people to make the BGAs, and when we get the files, we get them for free. Besides, it wouldn't be exactly legal if we're doing this type of stuff anyways.
As stated from NeKxT in a YouTube PM (I asked him if he knows anything about the new type of enryption.

"Fiesta started to use a new type of encryption, that's the reason why there's no place where you can download official decrypted files, just recordings and stuff like that.

I know this (and I'm not sure if it's true or not, I can't check a Fiesta or Fiesta EX HDD):
On the HDD there are 2 files, one of them is a .dat file, and it's like 19GB of filesize (at least in Fiesta), and the other file is like a boot file or something.

NXA was practically unprotected, because all the files were there without being inside of a .dat file, they just used the correct files to decrypt all (AUDs, MOVs and PNZs). PumpHaven itself told AM they needed to change the encryption method on PIU games... so.. they started in Fiesta XD

That's all I know so far."

*I dunno if I should post it in this thread since I'm not on these forums much. If any mod would like to move this in another section, I'd appreciate it. Besides, this is for people who encrypts PUMP files and/or is waiting for the files to be released onto the internet.*
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