Official Pump It Up! Fiesta EX (and others)

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Post #1 · Posted at 2011-01-24 09:06:02pm 6.3 years ago

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"Improving bugs every day."
WEBSITE - http://piugame.com/fiestaEX_introduce_/_en/index.html
Titles and New Song Previews - http://piugame.com/fiestaEX_introduce_/_en/fiestaEX_3.html
Commands - http://piugame.com/fiestaEX_introduce_/_en/full_3.html

NEW TUNES - Songlist
Doin - Cleaner
Doin - Interference
SHK - Reality
SHK - Take Out
MAX & Rorychesell (SID Sound) - Butterfly
MAX - Overblow
MAX - We Got 2 Know
Secret - Magic
4Minute - Hot Issue
Orange Caramel - Magic Girl
SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
BEAST - Shock
Big Bang - Last Farewell
Norazo - Superman
Mighty Mouth - Energy
1TYM - Mother
BaeChiGi - No. 3
Outsider - Like A Man
Crash - Crashday
Throwdown - What Happened
Sanxion7 - Gargoyle
DM Ashura - Allegro Con Fuoco
BanYa Production - Hungarian Dance V
BanYa Production - The Devil
(Remix) Secret;Orange Caramel;4Minute;2NE1 - K-Pop Girl Group RMX
(Full) Orange Caramel - Magic Girl
(Full) BEAST - Shock
(Full) Mighty Mouth - Energy
(Full) Outsider - Like A Man
(Full) Crash - Crashday
(Shortcut) Doin - Trotpris
(Shortcut) Doin - Cleaner
(Shortcut) SHK - Take Out
(Shortcut) MAX - Overblow
(Shortcut) DM Ashura - X-Rave

Title says it, folks. You'll find everything about Pump It Up! Fiesta EX there!

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Thank you for information. I think Fiesta EX was many Korean Video Clip.
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