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Post #1 · Posted at 2006-07-14 08:07:57am 11.3 years ago

Offline Trip Machina
Trip Machina Avatar Member
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United States
Reg. 2006-06-09
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In my life, I was able to play a few GuitarFreaks machines...I played 1stMIX, 4thMIX, 7thMIX, and 11thMIX and I really enjoyed myself. I'm not really an expert, but I can pass me some Cutie Pie...there was a song called FIRE too, but I wasn't good enough yet.

Anyone else play?
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Alan's my hero! ^^

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Trip says: LMAO!!!

Post #2 · Posted at 2006-07-14 08:30:21am 11.3 years ago

Offline al2k4
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I've never played the AC version, and I suck at the home version xD.

Think the highest level I can do is like 30 Happy.

Post #3 · Posted at 2007-01-10 01:48:33am 10.8 years ago

Offline blade2000
blade2000 Avatar Member
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Reg. 2006-07-14
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Better level than me alan all i can do is a level 2 if im lucky Happy

Post #4 · Posted at 2007-06-03 07:00:42am 10.4 years ago

Offline unlimited
unlimited Avatar Member
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Reg. 2007-05-30
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i played in GFV2 . i can do like 50 but my arm starts to hurt

Post #5 · Posted at 2007-08-10 08:07:34am 10.2 years ago

Offline Justican
Justican Avatar Member
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United Kingdom
Reg. 2006-05-30
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Im about the sama as Alan, can do plenty of 30's but cannot get higher because the accuracy cannot be achieved very well with the Gh controller, I need on gettting misses at random times, its not lenient like GH also, with accuracy and jedgement.

Kinda fun though, but it would be loads better if I could use a better controller.
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Post #6 · Posted at 2007-12-11 03:00:50am 9.9 years ago

Offline stepmania2
stepmania2 Avatar Member
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Reg. 2007-12-10
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i do not have guitar freaks (i hope i get a japan ps2 so i can get guitar freaks V from play asia) but it looks really fun
lets DDR!

Post #7 · Posted at 2007-12-11 12:56:29pm 9.9 years ago

Offline nggakmirip
nggakmirip Avatar Member
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Reg. 2007-11-20
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well... i play... sometimes....
i can only do around 30-40 or so with Light on......

....still can't tackle those hard songs like Mad Blast or The Least 100sec....

and playing it with keyboard isn't helping...
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Post #8 · Posted at 2007-12-14 01:25:34pm 9.9 years ago

Offline sayaka-seira999
sayaka-seira999 Avatar Member
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Reg. 2007-08-03
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My GF experience is... by bought GFdmV in Indonesia and play GF5 in the arcade. Big Grin
I'm still tried to mastering GF until now but why I'm good on DM... I'm still playing level 14 with the sad ending [getting D or E, if I got C it's not a big problem] T_T
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Post #9 · Posted at 2007-12-26 12:36:05pm 9.9 years ago

Offline Rmix
Rmix Avatar Member
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Puerto Rico
Reg. 2007-12-18
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I have only played Confused and It was 1stMIX and I was like 10 Back then, and couldn't even beat the tutorial mode.

After that Bemani Machines went extinct Mad in Puerto Rico, except DDR Tongue. But right now I really really want to play GF&DM, beatmania, Dance ManiaX and ParaPara Dancing Cry and can't find a machine. Plus my PS2 broke Evil.


Just Came to Watertown, New York and found GuitarFreak 2ndMix (Really Old School), I lost everytime, but dam I really like the game Green Grin .

On the other hand the DDRSN was at 2 Songs x $1.00. Evil

Post #10 · Posted at 2008-01-01 01:11:43pm 9.9 years ago

Offline AnxD
AnxD Avatar Member
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United States
Reg. 2008-01-01
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I play around level 65 on GF and around 45 on DM. There's a close GFDMV4 machine where I live.

Post #11 · Posted at 2008-02-08 05:48:27am 9.7 years ago

Offline hooky
hooky Avatar Member
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Reg. 2007-07-28
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I can only wait for Guitar Revolution to come out because KONAMI filed a patent for that.
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Post #12 · Posted at 2008-02-08 06:39:58am 9.7 years ago

Offline Oni-91
Oni-91 Avatar Moderator+
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Reg. 2006-10-20
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And why would Guitar Revolution be even needed when we've already got Guitar Freaks?
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Post #13 · Posted at 2008-02-09 02:22:40am 9.7 years ago

Offline e-s-g
e-s-g Avatar Member
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Reg. 2007-11-16
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I would guess it is to put more emphasis stating it's by the fellows responsible for DDR.
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Post #14 · Posted at 2008-03-11 10:47:37pm 9.7 years ago

Offline lion_heart
lion_heart Avatar Member
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Reg. 2008-03-08
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I tried GF recently using the song "In Your Eyes"(can be played in Bonus Track Mode) Basic Mode unfortunately i failed.... Sad Sad

Post #15 · Posted at 2008-05-08 04:18:17pm 9.5 years ago

Offline DDRO2Jam
DDRO2Jam Avatar Banned
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Reg. 2008-04-16
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I ever play DrumMania 10th Mix. The songlist are nice. I wonder on Guitar Freaks and DrumMania V6 has song Healing-D-Vision from DDR SuperNOVA. Imagine, Basic = around 40, Advanced = around 60, Extreme = 99. Have a lot of Bass hits and quick roll on snare, hi-hat and red, green .

Post #16 · Posted at 2008-05-08 09:13:06pm 9.5 years ago

Offline chewi
chewi Avatar Member+
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United States
Reg. 2008-02-24
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I've played GuitarFreaks before. It's fun! I like most of the songs too. As for DrumMania, I tried it, but it was to hard for me ^^;

Post #17 · Posted at 2008-05-09 02:18:23am 9.5 years ago

Offline AceJay
AceJay Avatar Member+
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Reg. 2006-12-04
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Honestly after playing and getting good at Guitar Hero, GuitarFreaks is hard to get used to without the ability to hold down all the buttons and hit the highest chord (lowest, whatever)

Also no Hammer Ons or Pull Offs kills me.

And obviously its timing based, which is a bit harder than GH, though it's not hard to get used to.

Post #18 · Posted at 2008-08-14 03:27:28pm 9.2 years ago

Offline deliriousXD
deliriousXD Avatar Member+
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Reg. 2006-08-08
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Woo hoo!! I finally got to play GF 11th Mix at the Steele County Fair! From first impressions, it's a pretty cool game, though it'll definitely be awhile until I know and enjoy most of the music on there. I mostly enjoyed playing infinite by Parallel Floaters (which I already knew from the Ultramix series Roll Eyes) and some song Thomas Howard Lichtenstein, which I believe it was called Stop Going in Circles, or something like that... I think the hardest song I passed was a 35, so I'd think that's pretty good for my first try Happy And I'mma play it more tomorrow!! And even more at the Minnesota State Fair!! Laughing Hard Which if anyone is going to, the guy said they'll also have SN2, SN and NX2 (which is at the Steele Couny Fair now) set up there.
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Post #19 · Posted at 2008-08-14 03:53:29pm 9.2 years ago

Offline NeoRevenG
NeoRevenG Avatar Member
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Sigh.. Cry I still can't playing Guitar Freaks because Tight judgement. I prefer Drum Mania because no Tight judgement on Default.

Post #20 · Posted at 2008-08-14 04:48:57pm 9.2 years ago

Offline AnxD
AnxD Avatar Member
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United States
Reg. 2008-01-01
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Hrmmm... it seems I've gotten a bit rusty :\ I can no longer S TL100sec on Open EXT although I did get the encore extra-stage on V5. Been spending my time on Pop n' 15 and IIDX15.
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