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2011-??-?? - One More Insanity released.
2010-12-25 - Full Throttle released.
2010-10-26 - Thread created, downloads can be seen here

xRGTMx 2nd Album: Lightning
The second release by xRGTMx, which is the REAL beginning of the true underground sound. Before this was released, Black Blood was available, but did not have the equal amount of potential that Lightning had. There are 14 tracks in this album, 3 of them are remixes, the rest are original. The album cover was created by DJ OMiY.

xRGTMx 3rd Album: Cyberspasm
The third release by xRGTMx, and features the debut of the new mastering techniques that make the tracks louder, clearer, and more sophisticated. There are 13 tracks in this album, all of them are completely original, except for a revamp of Ludwig Van Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. The album cover was created by DJ OMiY.

xRGTMx 4th Album: Sonic Boom
The fourth release by xRGTMx, Sonic Boom brings you to the edge of your seat in this hi-octane set, and gives you an intense roller coaster ride from the beginning to the end. There are15 tracks in Sonic Boom. The album cover was created by DJ OMiY. Also, he made a review of this album, which is sweet! Review

xRGTMx as AlphaOmega: Psykotik Ovaload
xRGTMx, as the irresistable alter ego AlphaOmega, delievers a completely insane special with 16 tracks of nonstop hardcore. Each track was created to blend into each other, as if they were mixed together by a disk jockey. This piece of art will sooth your soul rush your heartbeat to 175 beats per minute in rhythm to the album. The cover was made by silverdragon754, and thanks to DJ OMiY for doing vocals for one of the songs in this album as well.

xRGTMx 5th Album: Full Throttle
BOOM SHAKALAKA. NUMERO CINCO. xRGTMx does it again, and this time, he's better than ever. 14 tracks of pure skill. Is there really anything else to say? Thanks to DJ OMiY for doing vocals in one of my tracks and creating the cover art. Thanks to ~XTREME~ for allowing me to remix one of his songs. Also, a special thank you to silverdragon754 for creating the back cover which looks fucking sexy.

Enjoy, and discuss about some of these tracks or future works.
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