post here: Gameshark2, ArMax and Codebreaker codes for any PS2 DDR series

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Post #1 · Posted at 2008-08-19 11:51:49pm 9.1 years ago

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"Thanks for all your support."

Hope you can post them here any available hack codes for any PS2 DDR series be it
Gameshark2, ArMax and/or Codebreaker codes especially :

*** DDR Extreme [NTSC-JP, SLPM-65358]
*** DDR Supernova [NTSC-JP, SLPM-66609]
*** DDR Supernova 2 [NTSC-JP, SLPM-66930]

with their general codes to unlock:
*** all songs
*** all hidden modes
*** all characters
*** all items available for purchase
*** all informations
*** max shop points
*** etc...

links to any gameshark2, ArMax or codebreaker codes [DDR PS2 IMPORT VERSION]
are also welcome... Wink

Sillybear has already resigned from z-i-v... Sad

Post #2 · Posted at 2008-11-16 10:39:33pm 8.9 years ago

Offline ddr_ray
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For Codebreaker Tongue

Enable Code
F01204C8 000001FD

Arcade Timing Windows
0025E6D0 000000FC
0025E6D4 000000F3
0025E6D8 000000ED
0025E6DC 000000E9
0025E6F0 00000004
0025E6F4 0000000B
0025E6F8 00000011
0025E6FC 0000001B

Enable Code
F0100008 0010DD6F

Arcade Timing Windows
0026D630 000000FC
0026D634 000000F3
0026D638 000000ED
0026D63C 000000E9
0026D650 00000004
0026D654 0000000B
0026D658 00000011
0026D65C 0000001B

Announce combo higher than 500 in Challenge mode
2014DAF8 00000000

Able to use edits in Diet mode
2015460C 00000000

Enable Code
F0100008 0010DD6F

Arcade Timing Windows
002A2D84 000000FC
002A2D88 000000F3
002A2D8C 000000ED
002A2D90 000000E9
002A2D88 000000F3
002A2DA4 00000004
002A2DA8 0000000B
002A2DAC 00000011
002A2DB0 0000001B

Able to use edits in Diet mode (Press X)
2015BEA0 00000000

Enable x0.25 & x0.5 Speed modifiers
20170CA4 A73E001C
2028436C 322E3078
00284370 00000035
20284374 30780000
20284378 0000352E

Enable Reverse Boost & Wave
202843B8 45564552
202843BC 00455352
202843C0 41570000
202843C4 00004556

DDR Party Collection (JP)
Enable Code
F0100008 0010DD6F

Arcade Timing Windows
00290B94 000000FC
00290B98 000000F3
00290B9C 000000ED
00290BA0 000000E9
00290BB4 00000004
00290BB8 0000000B
00290BBC 00000011
00290BC0 0000001B

Able to use edits in Diet Mode (Press X)
20158C00 00000000

Enable x0.25 & x0.5 Speed Modifiers
2016B3D4 A73E001C
2027801C 322E3078
00278020 00000035
20278024 30780000
20278028 0000352E

Enable Reverse Boost & Wave
20278068 45564552
2027806C 00455352
20278070 41570000
20278074 00004556

DDR Festival (JP)
Enable Code
F0115914 000001FD

Arcade Timing Windows
00291234 000000FC
00291238 000000F3
0029123C 000000ED
00291240 000000E9
00291254 00000004
00291258 0000000B
0029125C 00000011
00291260 0000001B

Dance Play Setting: Controllers Off
102B8B2E 00000000

Hope these help. Some of the "cheating" codes i'm not gonna post it here thou, it seems pointless to me. Tongue
The rest of the latest version i've lost it somewhere on my older damaged HDD -.-;
I'm a bug/glitch explorer Devil

Post #3 · Posted at 2010-01-13 02:27:39am 7.7 years ago

Offline max.
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DDR SuperNOVA2 Japanese version codes for Codebreaker (I used it on Codebreaker v10)

Master Code
F0100208 00123F5B

Point Shop
2053020C 3B9ACA00

201B651C 14600001
201B6538 4A0002FF
201B6670 4A0002FF
201B66DC 4A0002FF

Unlock songs
20530470 0C0C0C03
20530474 030C0C0C
1053047E 00000C0C
20530480 030C0C03
00530484 0000000C
00530488 0000000C
2053048C 0C0C030C
20530490 0C030C0C
20530494 0C030C0C
10530498 00000C0C
2053049C 0C030C0C
005304A1 0000000C
205304A4 0C0C030C
205304A8 0C0C0C03
205304AC 0C0C0C0C
205304B0 0C0C0C0C
105304B4 00000C0C

Unlock courses
005304B6 00000C0C
205304B8 0C0C0C0C
205304BC 0C0C0C0C
205304C0 0C0C0C0C
205304C4 0C0C0C0C
105304C8 00000C0C
005304CA 0000000C

All Skin Arrow
005304CB 00000004
205304CC 04040404

All characters
205304D0 04040404
205304D4 04040404
205304D8 04040404
105304DC 00000404

All modes
105304DE 00000C0C
005304E0 0000000C

Life Gauge MAX
201B48D4 54200001

??? MAX
201B89F0 24420000
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