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Last Activity4.7 years ago (2013-08-01 12:12pm)
Last Updated Byrazorblade
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ZIPZIP (32.47MB) 2.5 years ago
SMSM (40.44KB) 2.5 years ago
OGGOGG (2.33MB) 2.5 years ago
BannerBanner (35.28KB) 2.5 years ago
JacketJacket (70.3KB) 2.5 years ago
BackgroundBackground (389.4KB) 2.5 years ago
AVIAVI (29.74MB) 2.5 years ago
Simfile Progress Information
Single BeginnerDone - Level 4Double BeginnerNone
Single BasicDone - Level 7Double BasicDone - Level 7
Single DifficultDone - Level 10Double DifficultDone - Level 10
Single ExpertDone - Level 13Double ExpertDone - Level 13
Single ChallengeDone - Level 15Double ChallengeDone - Level 15
MP3 QualityPerfect (High Quality)
Banner QualityPerfect
Background QualityPerfect
Other Information
CommentsAudio, banner, jacket, movie & sm files : Official Data
Background: silverdragon754

Update Log:

2013-07-31, 20:00: Updated with official data (razorblade)
Rating6.5★ (Based on 28 ratings)
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jeancarleo Avatar
jeancarleo awesome job, thx for the job well done. Keep them coming Smile

5.8 years ago · Comment #16

neim81094 Avatar
neim81094 Rock on dude!Big GrinGreen Grin
8.8 years ago · Comment #15

1994soro Avatar
1994soro niseLaughing Out Loud
9.3 years ago · Comment #14

DMAxel Avatar
DMAxel Needs reupload Tongue
9.5 years ago · Comment #13

dorichan Avatar
dorichan the movie actually doesn't play for me. Does switching the .dwi and .sm files have anything to do with it?
10.1 years ago · Comment #12

Ziergds Avatar
Ziergds cool thxXD
10.2 years ago · Comment #11

Ziergds Avatar
Ziergds cool thxXD
10.2 years ago · Comment #10

BPM Avatar
BPM The MP3's in the RAR.

To fix the video synch:
Add this line to the .SM:
99999=-nosongbg-=1.000=0=0=0 // don't automatically add -songbackground-

If you don't have a .SM (just a .DWI), then go into Edit Mode (doesn't matter which difficulty you edit), and select the first faded line after the second solid line (Current Second: 1.86).
Press ESC to get to the Main Menu, and select AddEdit BG Change.
Make sure rate is 100%. Set Fade to Yes, and both Rewind and Loop to No.
Then select Add Change to song Movie: Xepher.avi

And the movie should now synch perfectly with the song! Big Grin

10.3 years ago · Comment #9

miss_side_stepper Avatar
miss_side_stepper Ok, so where's the MP3 file? I can't play the game without the music, duh.
10.4 years ago · Comment #8

MAX_LeGendre Avatar
MAX_LeGendre Simple: take the dwi file, go to the step editor, and save once. BAM. Instant sm file.
10.8 years ago · Comment #7

x0xzanx0x Avatar
x0xzanx0x how do you download it for sm?
11.1 years ago · Comment #6

exoticagirl2006 Avatar
exoticagirl2006 where else the superNOVA songs of DoLL, Brazilian Anthem and iFUTURELIST Cry hope you can do it to creat some more of superNOVA anyway il rate this simfile 10Tongue
11.2 years ago · Comment #5

Terra Avatar
Terra Steps still appear to be off by one measure. They start one measure too late. ^-^;;
11.2 years ago · Comment #4

TimeSpaceMage Avatar
TimeSpaceMage The movie is off-sync by a second or so.
11.4 years ago · Comment #3

mx16m Avatar
mx16m everytime i try to play it, this pops up:

[string "in"]:3: attempt to call method `loop' (a nil value)

please fix it?

11.6 years ago · Comment #2

soniku Avatar
soniku Fixed sample music times



11.6 years ago · Comment #1

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