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Post #1 · Posted at 2017-07-17 07:41:57am 4.7 days ago

Offline Jose_Varela
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"Theming in NITG."

Last updated: 2017-07-17 08:18am
Hey, guys, I've been making a theme for OpenITG and NotITG, that is based on a 2001 - 2003 DDR simulator that SimWolf and DJ DraftHorse made.
I've been working on this theme for almost 3 weeks by now, and I pretty much finished every screen needed.
There are some new things that I added to the theme that wasn't in the original game, that I believe are good for adding a little more detail on some screens. Another reason of why is because OITG can't do some things that 3.95 can because they got hidden/disabled in the source code.

Here are some screenshots:

Initial Loading Screen

If new songs are detected on boot up, after this loading screen ends, you will get prompted to the New Songs Warning Screen.

Title Menu

Player Selection

Profile Screen - Arcade Mode
In this screen, you can edit some things to become your profile.
To edit the names, go to Dance With Intensity/Scripts/ProfileInformation.lua
To edit the images, go to Dance With Intensity/Graphics/ProfileIcon and insert images with the names userP1 and userP2 respectively.

If this screen is entered for the first time, the game might lag for around 5 seconds. This is because it's adding save data to the Machine Profile to keep track of the information.


Select Music

The percentage and number scoring showed in the screenshot represent the Total Average Percentage and the Total Score of the current play session.

Also, as you can already tell, since OpenITG has no artist display on the source code, like, the code is there, but it was hidden, I had to do a maneuver to, at least get the artist name, but this is only applied to the current song selected.

Player Options

The percentage score from Select Music is shown here as well, including the option labels at the sides.
I couldn't get the icons to actually appear on the option labels, so I had to improvise there, yet again.


The score on this screen can be changed to using the Number Scoring, or the Percentage Scoring via the DWI Options menu.
Also, I ported the 3 Noteskins from the game, which are also included in the zip on the Repo.

Including with these Noteskins is Solo support, so you can play solo songs in your OITG/NITG.


Results Screen

Since I know that in ITG, the percentage score is always used, I decided to add it, along with the Number Scoring.

Profile Screen - Nonstop Mode
The profile name and Image are also shared on this screen.

If this screen is entered for the first time, the game might lag for around 5 seconds. This is because it's adding save data to the Machine Profile to keep track of the information.

Course Select

Also, the theme is 4:3/16:9 Compatible.


And now I want to say some Thank You's to the people who helped me while I was making this theme.

So, Special Thanks to:
TaroNuke - Help with PlayerMod string listing
MadkaT - Help with most 16:9 textures of the theme and Lua optimizations
LDani2001 - Several feature suggestions and fixes with the Noteskin's Solo Support
CosmicLAER - Announcer Feedback
HowTo Step? - Tester
AJ 187 - Making me inspired to do a theme based on the game, after playing his SM4 version of the theme.

With that out of the way, here's the GitHub Repository Link:

Compatibility List:
OpenITG Beta 2 - Good To Go
NotITG V2 - Good To Go
OpenITG Beta 3 - Not Yet Tested
OpenITG Beta 1 - Not Yet Tested
NotITG V1 - Not Yet Tested

Post #2 · Posted at 2017-07-20 04:34:37am 1.8 days ago

Online FlameyBoy
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I'm not sure how to do it right now, but the OpenITG source code suggests you should be able to display the artist on each music wheel item.
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